• When: 11/10/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Moonshine, Ranger, Quest, Alter Boy, Dunphy, Bearded Lady, PYT, Tumbler, Muggy Tape, Field Goal, Mr. Belding, Mayhem, Napalm, Knowzit, Malfunction Junction, No Help

16 pax post for some GORUCK Training to start the week off right

This week started off just as the past handful of weeks started off…waking up before 5am to go out and get beat down with some Good Livin.  Most had one of their rest days yesterday dreaming about lifting logs, rucks, squats, merkins, and pain, so it was time to get back out and get to training and make those dreams a reality.  No better way to get the week started…right?  16 pax gathered around under the clear skies at River Bluff High School, some sharing “war” stories from the simulation last week, and others taking in the information.  Then it was time to get things going, we grabbed the awkward shaped coupon (mid sized pallet) and headed off to #GetBetter and #BeBetter as a team.

Weather: 36° and mostly clear

The Thang

Ruck over to practice field, COP

Drop rucks

SSH x 20 IC

LAC (10 front, 10 rear) IC

TTT x 20 IC

Flutter Kicks x 30 IC while holding ruck straight overhead

Squats x 30 (?) while holding ruck straight overhead

Put rucks on, slow count merkins x 10 (hold in down position, 1 sec for rep 1, 2 sec for rep two…9 sec for rep 9, 10 sec for rep 10)

Grab logs (2-3 man teams).  Line up and move out in two columns.

At the top of Cemetery Hill put logs down

50 squats, holding in down position on rep 15, 30, and 50

Grab logs, log presses x 15 (alternating shoulders)

Move out and ruck over to a mini-quad area, logs down

Bear crawl to end of quad, lunge back (stay together as a team)

Low crawl to farthest tree, lunge back

Grab logs and move out to field by the road, logs back down

Plank on log, then 10 merkins on the log

Straddle log, 20 log rows

Rucks off, sprint to fence – 50 single count merkins – sprint back to logs

Straddle and pick up log, waddle to fence.

Pick up logs and move out and return to practice field (ensure that you follow the leader and don’t assume that we are done :))

Logs down

Rucks off (don’t put them down), 10 slow count ruck presses (hold in upposition, 1 sec for rep 1, 2 sec for rep two…9 sec for rep 9, 10 sec for rep 10)

All together hold rucks overhead for 15 seconds

Ruck down, put logs up and mosey back for COT

Discuss future tactics for movements during the Challenge and practicing those movements.  Discuss the need for know the Columbia area for the Challenge, maybe bring a map?


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