• When: 12/4/14
  • QIC: Toothpick
  • The PAX: Light Bill, Howler, Church Lady, Rudy, Hall Pass, Zamboni, Flipper, Holy Water, Creole, No Idea, Stirrups, Toothpick.


12 PAX rolled into a foggy Speedtrap for a 45 minute session of pain that left everyone smoked. YHC was excited for my first Q since GoRuck (and was glad to have my shoes on). In an effort to bring something new to the his fellow Speedtrappers, YHC dug deep into the workout archive for a little something new-the 100/200/300 workout. Although mumblechatter was, for the most part, non-existnent, YHC’s life WAS threatened on numerous occassions and there was a threat of “I’ll meet you in the parking lot” heard during the workout-I’m sure it was just an offer to help YHC find his way back to the car (#IAm3rd). All in all, it was a full body workout that left the PAX asking for more (at least I think that’s what they were saying…)

48 degrees and foggy as all get out.

The Thang:

Jog around the upper baseball field

SSH x 20

Windmill x 20

IW x 20

Flutter Kicks x 20

Mosey to home plate for rules/goals of 100-200-300 workout.

The Goal:
100 burpees, 200 dry docks, 300 LBC’s

Three stations-right field (burpees), left field (dry docks), home plate (LBC’s). Run to a station and work on your totals for that station. Once you’ve completed AMRAP, run to the next station. Only one exercise per station. Repeat until you have met the goals. Most PAX chose the 10 rotation method with 10 burpees, 20 dry docks and 30 LBC’s per rotation. There were some other methods that were used to get through the suck but everyone completed their rounds-great job by all PAX! Side note: after the COT and BOM, Stirrups went back out to complete his last rotation. War Daddy!!!

Back to the flag-we used every second, therefore, no Mary.

No announcements today. Or maybe there was but everyone was too gassed to use their brain power.

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