• When: 03/14/2017
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Splinter, Boo Boo, McNugget, Collar, Chopshop

Who said anything about freezing cold rain?

YHC finally got my VQ and was fired up to unleash a beatdown on the 12-15 PAX that usually post at Hammer. Unfortunately, the threat of cold and rain appeared to keep most of the PAX in their fartsacks. However, 6 HIMs posted and got smoked by a knuckle heavy workout.

Conditions: 39 and damp (NO RAIN!).

The Thang

Disclaimer then 20 Burpee warmup.

Mosey to bus loop. YHC informed PAX that they must make fists with their hands and keep them that way for remainder of exercises.

Lunge walk to first crosswalk. Broad-jump burpees (first knuckle exercise) to second crosswalk. Move over to grass and bear crawl to palmetto tree.

Mosey to dropoff. 11s except YHC added 1 rep to make it 12s. Started with 11 Inverted pull-ups (no fingers allowed) then run to parking lot entrance for 1 squat jump. Continue circuit from 11-1 pullups and 1-11 squat jumps. PAX did scissor kicks while waiting on the six to finish.

Mosey to up Oak Hill Rd to brickpile via Hall of Horrors stopping for 20 big boy sit ups along the way. Grabbed 2 bricks each (no fingers) and moseyed to ball field.

Circled up for shoulder press x40, front arm raises x20, high plank on knuckles, right arm up, left arm up, 5 perfect knerkins, high plank on knuckles, right arm up, left arm up, 5 perfect knerkins, 20 big boy sit ups holding bricks (no fingers), each PAX stacked his bricks in front of him and did 10 fist-bump knerkins (touching bricks), back to high plank on knuckles, 10 staggered knerkins each side, high plank on knuckles, right arm up, left arm up, high plank, 10 staggered jump knerkins switching hands each time. 2 rounds of lame-dog (like a bear crawl but with one leg off ground) ring of fire. 20 knerkins total between rounds. SSH x20 IC and topped it off with 20 Slumdogs (calf raises). Returned bricks (still no fingers). Returned to Flag and released PAX of their obligation to keep hands in fists .

COT                                                                                                                                                     Announcements: MudRun, F3 Dads camp, lunch and happy hour.

BOM                                                                                                                                                     Prayer by YHC

MOLESKIN                                                                                                                                           YHC explained to PAX that this wasn’t about proving how challenging my life is without hands (it’s not anymore). My point of doing this was to show them that life is about modifying. Life is going to throw you all kind of challenges and you will have to learn new ways to overcome them. Anything is possible unless you stop challenging yourself. The only disability is a bad attitude.

“Life is hard. Be strong. Be fast. And w/the Lord’s help, be ready for when life gets really hard. U ain’t gonna get ready in the fartsack.” Credit to Abraham for those wise words.




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