• When: 2017-10-09
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Borat, DriveBy, Subprime, Exit 1, Da Hoppa, Cornstache, Polo, Stint, Welcome Week

What do we want? Henderson St. Repeats! YEAH!!!!!!!

10 PAX posted for some work to get better.  Why?  Because YHC promised it in a Tweet.  Therefore it has to happen.  Here’s the Thang!


Leave SPC on Devine street heading toward 5 points.  Run through 5 points and Right on Blossom and a slip onto Devine behind the USC Tennis courts.  Wait on the six at Devine and Henderson.  It didn’t take long.

Instructions were given for Hill repeats up Henderson and back to the bottom 10 minute AMRAP.  Most PAX got anywhere from 5-8 in that time and everyone was drenched.

Next was a set of sprints.  1st sprint a down and back from the corner of Henderson and Devine to the corner of Barnwell and Devine.  AYG!

2nd sprint was AYG to the corner of Barnwell and Devine.  Gassed!

Walk it out until we get to Blossom as instructions are given to head back to SPC on Blossom and zig zag

Left on Hilton

Right on Devine

Right on Heidt

Left on Blossom

Left on Meadow

Right on Devine

Right on Queen

Left on Blossom

Left on King

Right on Devine back to SPC.

Depending on the number of times each PAX was able to complete Henderson, it was roughly 3.5 – 3.9 miles total.

BOM:  Cesspool


  • 10-21-17 is the 5th Anniversary of F3 Columbia.  We’ll be at #BRICKPILE (Dreher High School) from 0700-0830.  If you’ve every been to an F3 workout in 5 years you need to be there.  Great time on “THE CANNONBALL RUN”!