• When: 10/18/15
  • QIC: Strummer
  • The PAX: Monotard, Duperger, BF, Flea, Boomer, RedDogs, Shamrock, Cardinal, Cannoli, PurpCray, Fortenberry, Belk, Robin Gitmo, Judge Smails, Titan, Eye Chart, Mighty Wind, TD, PBo, Jenks, Mr. Pink, Booty, Gator, TD, TPRoll, Snooze Butt, Bobo, Sponge, Minimum Cx, Good Vibrations, Doc(k), AC, Tantrum, Tommy Lee, Banjo, Carrier, Mutiny, Frat Girl, Spandau, Hitman, Hannibal, Dropbox, Spinner, Peloton, Today, Far Side, The Show, Porterhouse, L-10, freeloader, Fresh Prince, Blago, Reboot, Champagne, Alphabet, GOP, Bubbles, GAAP, Strange Brew, Scrubs, Hootie, TalkBox, Escalade, BanjoBoy, Colin Franceschi, Matlock, Huffy, Gray Ghost, El Deuce, Agony, Orlando, Boy Scout, War Daddy, Raider, Abel, Hyannis, Tackleberry, Famous Shoes, Old Salty and Nacho Libre. I am sure that I missed somebody, sound off below.

WestLoop, D-League, SloCAC, WaffleRide, Monday Shakeout and all others

As it happened, YHC ended up in the chop & drop of A-/B+ riders that were part of a popular, local group ride. With no other @F3Gears riders around, it gave me a chance to observe, or compare the group dynamics and skills of this group to my typical #Gears riders. The comparison was staggering. The men of @F3Gears, listed in the pax, are much stronger, more courteous, talkative and kinder than the jambronica tossed together in this chase group. And the thought occurred to me, man, those @F3 guys have gotten strong. I mean really strong. Take for example @Cannoli, yes the clydesdale that just dusted the #AugustaHalf crew by crushing the bike leg [proudly on my former #Ridley], and then, a few weeks later, dives into a FULL IRONMAN and does the bike leg in almost a 20 MPH average speed…for 112 miles. Yes, the italian pastry is an ironman. Or, @FLEA as another example. I was behind him coming up the #Widowmaker last week, when a bunch of wheelsuckers goes by on the steeper section of the hill. Note that this is at the end of the ride, a place where @Flea used to be dropped and long gone 18 months ago. And as the hill turned into a false flat, @Flea began clawing back and closing down the 20 bike length gap. YHC dying behind him, but watching in awe, as he not only reeled them back in, but went right over the top at a high rate of speed and picked up the lone rider off the front. VERY IMPRESSIVE for a guy that doesn’t ride up hills fast, but goes down them very fast.

There are others including @Boomer, @Fortenberry and @Titan that have gotten sneaky fast. In one summer, Boom has gone from barely hanging on at COCAC to pushing the pace at the front. @Fort was a solid #8 hitter in the lineup when he started riding, but with a little perseverance and training, he’s talking and cracking jokes as the new King of the D-League. Even @Today has gotten into the action. Previously self-relegated to kitchen window status, @Today is now throwing out attacks on Fletcher School hill and taking no prisoners. Even @JudgeSmails covered 200 miles in the @24HoursofBooty this year, which by the way, @24HOB is a rockin event. Like a good tequila, it has improved with age. #anejo

@Duperger founded the SloCAC ride and has steadily amped up the pace. YHC joined them the week of a big mountain century in hopes of getting cushy, aerobic pre-event taper. No, no, no. The guy may have a broken ear, but several folks have mentioned how fast he’s gotten, challenging @SnoozeButt for KOM status on our mountain ride. @BenFranklin is definitely the most aggressive rider over the 20 mile distance, even completing the Dilworth Crit, his first, quite respectably this year, not to mention that he is resident #SockDoper. And what can be said about @RedDogs. The guy has barely been riding a year, when, after taking 6 weeks off to prep for #BRR, the first thing he wants to do after, is get back on the bike. And he’s out there laying down PR’s and Top 10’s within a couple of weeks back. He’s organizing rides and even dragging @Gitmo out to the D-league. Both of them are freaks, I say. Absolute Freaks.

When YHC started riding with the guys a couple of years ago, it was faster to ride alone, with all the regrouping and what not. Now, these guys are always pushing and challenging. And they have finally figured out that we are better riding together. #IamThird Whether at COCAC, or the other group rides, competing in races, new faces are popping up and Rides are starting in MECA and Summerville. We don’t really do BackBlasts. The blast happens on @Strava and @Twitter. And there really isn’t a Q for a ride. We have a route, but any man that feels good can hit it that day and effectively dictate terms to the other riders. Independent thinkers and head cases, most of us, we are also prone to last minute planning, which I like to refer to as split second decion making. #SSDM We are definitely a little different in a land of runners, but we are having fun and drawing others in. Thinking about riding? Look at the list and get your name on it. It won’t be long before we start talking about #COLAtoCTOWN2016, which as we all know, is much harder than an Ironman. But an Ironman is good training. Kudos to all you men.

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  1. Great summary, Strummer.

    #COLAtoCTOWN is the BRR of Gears. I did it last spring for the first time and had a blast, in spite of the driving rain. A can’t miss ride.

  2. Driving rain made it more epic. And #CtC is definitely in the category of Dumbest Thing You Will Do Again Next Year. #DTYWDANY or as it could more infamously be called, the DirtyWaDanny.

  3. I’m claiming this as the backblast for the 2015 #ColatoCtown.

    And I think the sentence should be modified to say, “most aggressive rider until he cramps, which on any given day will occur sometime after mile 20, and never later than mile 50.”

    1. A few minor details from the epic day that was #ColatoCtown2015.

      First things first, we met at Dupe’s house around 0600 where we proceeded to stand around and watch Stum try to fit 10 bikes onto 9 racks. YHC’s bike, being the last to arrive, was attached to the top of Boomer’s SUV with two rubber bands, a few toothpicks, a bath toy, and a jar of honey. Fingers crossed. All bikes secure and we are off…heading south….to….Dunkin Donuts. Cycling fuel.

      We eventually arrived at some random church in St. Matthews, SC after driving through a continuous thunderstorm for about 60 miles…more on that later. This church was very picturesque. Of course, that’s only if you took the picture before 10 grown dudes stripped down to nothing, lubed up, changed into bibs, urinated in the bushes, and whatever else you do before a 7 hour ride.

      Plan was to ride 2×2 at around 20 mph taking turns pulling for 10 mins before sliding to the back. That worked for the first 30 minutes until Boomer decided to PR the first hill we came across. Boom charged up the hill and gapped the group by about 300 yards before realizing he still had 105 miles to ride and perhaps maybe should ease up….more on that later too.
      Stopped for lunch at a gas station subway where we ate cookies and got to drink real coke. War Daddy and PC traded places at the 62.5 mile mark #HalfBacks More riding, one wrong turn…back on course…and then it started raining. First plan was to seek shelter at some elementary school we passed. OD made the wise choice of dropping bibs and urinating directly in front of a surveillance camera so we didn’t stick around too long. I think this is the part where most folks changed into rain gear and Dupe put on a fly fishing jacket. #NotAero. Driving, torrential rains for about then next 20 miles….Super cold….raining so hard. We stopped for espresso and for Flea to quadruple x4 check the radar. Like we have options?? Dupe got his #VineyardVines bag out of the SAG car and tried on three different kits before he was satisfied. Great little coffee spot somewhere in SC…absolutely trashed that place.

      We passed the 100 mile mark in a really nice Live Oak grove somewhere “down there” and lost the SAG car around the same time. Apparently War Daddy doesn’t pay attention when he rides or drives #rumblestrips. Franklin started passing out sketchy white pills which supposedly help with cramping. Dupe ate a few more M&Ms. 20 miles to go now. Still pouring rain. We did a great job of making sure all drivers obeyed the speed limit on highway 17 during the home stretch. Boomer dangled for the last 5 miles and finally got dropped about 200 yards from the finish…whoops. Free swiss miss in the hotel lobby.

      The next morning we all ran a 10k which was fine. It also stopped raining. What was really great was the coffee and beers in downtown Ctown afterwards. 2nd F was great too….obviously. Epic day with the rain. Tremendous planning by Strummer and execution by all. Can’t wait for #2016.

  4. Wow…I believe the Clydesdale should be done with the book signing and victory tour from the 2015 Tri-Season to join the C2C16! The RD back blast just sold it.

  5. I’ve tweeted, emailed, and now posting HC for 2016. I’ve already signed up for the run.

    I’m guessing since you draft, little training is required. I call dibs on #4#’s wheel.

  6. 1. #whatturnaround = #inspiration Glad we could help

    2. If your body fat is under 15% your loosing serious momentum on the downhills. Plenty of time to bulk up this winter.

    3. I saw two people leave in a ambulance at our high school b/c a lightening strike. One didn’t make it. Needless to say that Sh$T scares me.

    4. Despite #3 I am an ex windsurfer, new kiteboarder, always a skier and now a cyclist. That makes me an amateur meteorologist and professional weather geek.

    5. HC for 2016

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