• When: 10/17/15
  • QIC: Splinter and Gypsy
  • The PAX: Wingback, Adrian, Shamu, Collar, Misfire, Batboy, Twinkle Toes, Bernie, Minion, Hee-Haw, Hawg, Splinter, Gypsy.

Mud Run Prep at #Battle

13 Warriors posted for a relentless running, climbing, crawling, and jumping beatdown at the hands of Splinter and YHC.

The Thang:

YHC on the Q:

SSH x 25

Fast mosey to the football field.

Merkin Ladder:
Start at the sideline closest to the SF, sprint across the field all the way up the hill and complete 20 merkins. Run down the hill and back to the starting point. Repeat while decreasing the count by one all the way down to 5 merkins. 200 merkins total…brutal.

Plank-o-rama while waiting on the #six.

Modified suicides:
Start at the 40-yd line. At the farthest line for each suicide, complete 10 rabbit burpees(a burpee with a tuck jump). 40 rabbit burpees total.

Plank-o-rama while waiting on the #six.

YHC hands over the Q to Splinter.

Run 60yds, climb/jump 7.5ft retaining wall 4 times, press to lock out each time, run 60yds back. Repeat with 3 jumps, run back 60yds 2 jumps, run back 60yds 1 jump, run back 60yds.

Fast Indian Run to Golden Chick at 7ft wall: 2 Burpees, jump wall, 2 Burpees jump back over X5.

10 wall presses(AKA #SplinterDips) IC (Wall press = start with hands on wall top, elbows locked out, bring chest down, press up… Not easy)
Over the wall and using the wall, 10 Derkins IC
5 wall presses IC
Using the wall, 5 Derkins IC

Run to embankment behind Mall Parking Garage, Bear Crawl uphill 15yds, Jump wall, Descend wall (10ft) at starting point = 1 Lap.
Do 4 laps total then Jailbreak to intersection of Beltline/Falcon.
Plank, then run to Battle Loop. At the Battle Loop, 20 pull-ups.
Jailbreak back to COT.

COT & Name-o-rama

Devo led by Splinter.


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