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We Hold these Truths…

14 Columbia men met at the #Brickpile on Thursday to assert our independence and celebrate the Fourth of July. Sway led the downpainment.

Conditions: 74 degrees and overcast (when will the rain stop?!?)


Logos Loop with Pain Stations, running behind the shovel flag:

Cat clinic: 10/10/10 merkins/squats/situps AMRAP in 5:00 (most got 5-6 sets)

200m from Adger: Lunge Walk (crowd pleaser)

Left on Adger to Hill Street Blues: Partner up, wheelbarrow half way, sprint to top. Walk down, flapjack, Repeat x2. Backwards run up the Berkley hill. Plank-o-Rama at top and bottom.

Run to Adger/Berkley: Repeat 10/10/10 AMRAP in 5:00

Run to DHS field, Plank-O-Rama

Run to COT

Ball of Man: Sway led prayer remembering 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence who pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” against tyranny.


  • Seriously, the rain has got to stop. This is not Seattle.
  • Sway’s Q was a bit impromptu. #miscommunication #nobodygotcheated
  • Roscoe: “Running with the flag never gets old.” #Aye
  • Blue shirt orders by 7/16
  • WIS coming on Tuesday — wear your gear
  • Summer Cleanse/Fuel Challenge starts Monday July 8th

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