• When: 2019-06-04
  • QIC: Wally/Wall-E
  • The PAX: Flo, Deville, Cabana Boy, Stretch, Roses(FNG), Bindi, Three way, McNugget, Detour, Misfire, Pipeline, Ginger, Garnish, Duckie, Boo Boo, Apple, Wally

Wally’s greatest hits

17 PAX defied the fartsack and joined YHC in the gloom this morning to put in some work.  YHC remembered what a crowd pleaser this was the last time we ran it so we gave the people what they wanted.  Welcome to visitor Pipeline and our FNG Roses.

Conditions: 73 and slightly muggy but with a cool breeze

The Thang:

Head for the woods to grab the blocks.  With blocks in hand, head down Satchelford doing tricep extensions, curls, and farmers carries on each side.  Stopped at the school parking lot.

PAX formed a line across the parking lot with blocks in hand for a little blackjack.  Starting at one side and doing 21 clean and jerks with the blocks. Do a suicide to the other side of the parking lot where we did 1 sweat angel.  From there repeat decreasing the cleans and increasing the sweat angels.

Halfway through, YHC could tell the PAX were feeling the burn so we paused for two laps around the parking lot before getting back at it.  As time was closing in, we headed back down satchelford where we partnered up for a farmers carry/burpee catchup.  Partner 1 farmer carries the blocks, while partner 2 does 5 burpees then runs to take the blocks from partner 1.

With a few minutes to spare at COT, we did airchair and raise the roof until time.

COT/BOM – Wally