• When: 2018-11-26
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Swingline, Backstop, Doughnuts, Baconator, Binary

Uno Card Stack @ Valhalla

5 Pax arrived at the chilly #Valhalla gloom to work off their Thanksgiving feasting and get better.  The Q had to bow out last time he was scheduled and was able to bring the pre-planned Q based on his favorite childhood card game, UNO.  This was a major Weinke Board day but one that would make the pax stronger.


The Thang

Mosey lap around building grab blocks

Meet at middle
Squat thrusters – 10 IC
Curls x 10 IC
Bent over rows – 15 IC
Merkins x 5 IC (Incline, Decline, One arm off block each side)
Big boys x 20 IC

UNO – 4 stations 10 reps at each. Stacked deck where card is drawn (3 of each color) and one of the following exercises were completed at each pain station based on color selected.

1 Red – Abs – Freddie Mercury, flutters, v-ups, rowers (Backwards Run between each)  (Completed Twice)
2 Yellow – Arms – Curls, merkins, tricep, Diamond (Bear crawl between each)  (All 3)
3 Blue – Legs Lunges, Jump squats, Calf raises, monkey humpers (frog hop between each)   (All 3)
4 Green rowers, kettle lift, Superman, Dead lift,  (Karaoke between each)  (Completed Twice)

Wild – Pax can choose whichever of 1-4 exercise at each station to do  (Once)

Draw 4 Burpees x 5 Run between  (Once)

COT – Binary

Great workout by the Pax and definitely a good burn when the drawn card was a rinse and repeat.

BOM – Binary

Moleskin – Binary shared the challenge to be men like Nehemiah.  In his life he showed he was a man who had the Heart, Prayer, Vision, and Passion to be used by God.  May we all strive to seek God in our lives that we are willing to be used by Him to reach others.


1 Year Anniversary WO – Friday, Nov. 30th