• When: 11/ 29/2018
  • QIC: Selfie (remote Q)
  • The PAX: Shocker, Copay, Promo, Fireball, Huffy, Crab Daddy

F3 Rogue’s First Backblast

The PAX of Rogue went on the normal Thursday “4 Mile Pre-Coffeeteria” run. All paces are always welcome but especially on Thursdays. Did someone ask why? It’s because some M-W-F run groups have long runs on Wednesday. Others have fast runs on Fridays. Some have both which makes Thursday a good day to sleep late. Until now. Seems like running on Thursday is probably a good deal, right? More below.

Conditions: 29 degrees

Run (1F) 6 pax: Although Selfie wasn’t able to make it, he generously provided a 4 mile route. The group met at Starbucks on Garners Ferry directly in front of Target at 0515. We ran down the MOM hill on Garners Ferry. Is it funny that every F3 Columbia runner knows exactly where MOM is but doesn’t know where Garners Ferry ends and Devine Street starts? OK, I guess everyone knows that Devine starts at the fork where Cross Hill Rd starts. I just looked at the map and that’s not correct.

R on Crowson and we ran by the Subway which is no longer there and then by Egg Roll Chen where it looked like someone accidently broke the glass on the front door during the night. Several cops were checking it out to make sure there were no issues with glass on the ground. I’m sure it was a complete accident.
Pass the mural that predicted the flood, R on Rickenbaker, L on Datura. A few of us found out this hard way that Datura Rd is actually Beltline Blvd too. Others already knew and kept reminding us. Mumble chatter was in full effect. Topics included open enrollment, barb wire, DC vs. AC, following directions, etc.

Pass Midlands Tech and L on Rosewood. R on Gills Creek and back to Starbucks for 4.01 miles.

COT (3F): After announcements, Copay did the prayer. We all have countless things to be thankful for but many people are not as fortunate. Remember to give thanks by praying but also by providing for those in need.

Coffeteria (2F): 4 pax When you’re finished running at 0550, there’s plenty of time to continue 2F over coffee. Who else knew you could get free refills at Starbucks?

Special thanks to Huffy for returning gloves to YHC and for posting at F3 Rogue for this first time. Thanks to Selfie for the route.