• When: 2020-10-12
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Handlebar, PoppaGeorgio, Tapeworm, Fallout, Recount, Jar Jar

UnBearable at Da Bull

Conditions: Warm and humid

Disclaimer (especially relevant today, but we had a dentist and a doc on-hand)

Tha Thang: 6 pax tested the market today at the Bull and Bullseye. Their portfolios sank instantly.

Standard Bull rotation/locations/counting, including LBCs at the bottom of each tower. At the top though, sub American Hammers for merkins. Why you ask? Because on the way up, must go UP one flight of stairs backwards-bearcrawl style (head pointing downhill like a Derkin) and on the way back down, do one flight of stairs headfirst, bearcrawling down. Gravity was a cruel mistress my friends. Max circuits completed 3.75.


Prayer requests/announcements: Tapeworm’s friend Gary Cannon recovering from a bad bicycle accident, Jar Jar’s family traveling safety

Devo: Rom 3:23, etc. Your good does not outweigh your bad on some cosmic set of scales. God’s measure is His own perfect holiness, and we fall woefully short. Trust in Christ for your righteousness, and continue to do good to please Him and for His glory.

Virtual BOM

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