• When: June 28, 2017
  • QIC: Beamer
  • The PAX: Kamikaze (Respect), Back Stop, Katniss, Selfie, Ham Bone, Lamb Chop, Grilz, FreeBird, Wham, McBeal, SlapShot, Turnpike, Special K (Respect), Beamer

Triple B Party- Beamer, Blocks and Bricks

The Pax showed up to a glorious crisp morning in the Gloom. The rare middle 60 temps and clear. A nice reprieve from the Famously Hot city we call home.
14 Pax decided today was the day to get better

The Thang: The Pax were promised a good time via the Tweeter Machine and as Q I thought a block and brick circuit party is always a good time, so lets go.

After a brief disclaimer of my lack of professionalism, we mozied around island number 1 and headed back to the COP where each Pax grabbed a block and two bricks.

COP: Circuit 1- with Block
Shoulder Press IC X20h
Curls for the Girls IC X20
Kettle Ball swing with blocks IC X20
Bicycle Crunches IC X20
Slow Chest Press IC X20
Mozy to the bottom of small hill in parking lot, Broad Jump to top of hill and Mozy back to COP.

COP: Circuit 2- with Bricks
Shoulder raises front and lateral IC X25
Curls for the Girls in and out IC X25
Lunges with curls OYO X20
Slow Flutterkicks IC X20
Chest Flys IC X25
Mozy to the bottom of the big hill on Kings Grant Dr.for a little Bernie Sanders and return back to the COP.

COP: Circuit 3- with Blocks and Bricks
Overhead block hold- Hold for 1 minute
Incline Merkin on Block- IC X11
FlutterKick IC X25
Goblet Squat with Block IC X20
Bent Over Row IC X20
Mozy to the bottom of the small hill and bear crawl to top of hill, return back to COP and return Block and Bricks.

COP: Circuit 4
Jump Squat X15 OYO
Merkins 7/7/7- Regular, wide arm, diamond
Finish with 6 inches with a little 90 and 45 degree sprinkled in.

All in All I think a good time was had.

Announcements: One Year Castle Anniversary get together at River Rat Brewery, July 21 6-10. HC to Backstop so He can plan accordingly.

A special prayer was said for MS. Daisy who McBeal has been helping for several weeks. She has taken the awesome journey to join our heavenly father. This always reminds me that’s our ultimate goal in this world, and truth be told, I get a little jealous of folks who get there before Me because joining our heavenly father is what we should be striving for. Life is not done here on Earth so work needs to be done. I am thankful for this life I have been given and thankful that I can still participate in getting better with my F3 compadres!!


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