• When: 2018-03-20
  • QIC: Billy Bob/Misfire
  • The PAX: Gaston, Boo Boo, Wally, Duckie, McNugget, Billy Bob, Misfire


7 PAX claimed their first victory of the day by beating back the warmth of the fartsack and sounds of thunder storms. They dominated the Gloom with a Thunder of their own. They didn’t use excuses of “Tapering” or weather. They simply           GOT. IT. DONE.

Conditions: Soggy ground, dry skies and a comfortable 61 degrees.

The Thang:

Grab the brand spanking new Hammer Pavers and head to the bus-loop.

Misfire – 12->5 curls with bricks, Cusack “rest”.

Billy Bob – Grab bricks (no fingers). The PAX really felt the extra burn in the chest and shoulder area using this method. I encourage all Qs to give this a try.

  • 10 merkins on bricks.
  • run to crosswalk and do 5 bottom burpees.
  • run to end of bus-loop 10 merkins.
  • run back to crosswalk 5 bottom-burpees.
  • run to finish 10 merkins

1 more round was completed with 5 merkins instead of 10.

Misfire – 12->5 big boys with bricks (heels down!), fly rest

Billy Bob – Partner up

  • Partner 1 runs to front of school rail for 10 inverted rows, runs back while Partner 2 does curl presses with bricks. Flap Jack.
  • Partner 1 runs to front of school rail for 10 inverted rows, runs back while Partner 2 does American Hammers with bricks. Flap Jack.

Misfire – Head to playground and partner up again.

  • P1 – 5 pull-ups (modify 10 inverted rows)
  • P2 – 10 giant step ups
    Flap jack
    Rinse and repeat x 4

Billy Bob – Grab bricks and head to top of Shannon Springs Hill. Leave bricks and run down hill then run backwards uphill. Pick up bricks and hold air chair then 5 squats while waiting on the 6.

Indian Run back towards COT.

Misfire – Each PAX does 20 curls prior to putting them up.

COT and BOM – Billy Bob


  • Bootcamp numbers have been down across the AOs in Columbia. Those posting only at Running AOs need to remember our roots and post at bootcamps. Bootcamp primary PAX should return the favor!
  • EH FNGs but also EH fellow PAX. Sad Clown syndrome is gaining a foothold on our PAX. We need to step up and reach out. Make a regular habit to HC before posting and encourage your brothers to do the same.
  • Cross Ruck on 5/30.
  • Mission Convergence on 5/31. BE THERE! Battle will be doubling down for those interested in Getting Better!