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  • QIC: Fallout
  • The PAX: Pipeline, Stewardess, Double Rub, Beads, Goose, Staccato, Ripcord, Betamax, Big Time, Schweddy, Noonan, Fallout, Biggie Smalls, Lederhosen, Welcome Week

This Saturday Only, CRAB VS BEAR!!

After a year and a couple of weeks since YHC first confusingly found my way to Dawn Strike and F3, YHC finally had the Q at a boot camp, appropriately at the #funnerestAO there is. As with many things in my life, God guided my meandering, lost-self to F3 through many random events to that first Dawn Strike, and I am thankful for every bit of it and all the PAX along the way (even Beta). Here is what happened…


The Thang:

Mosey to the field, circle-up:

SSH, IC, 25

Imperial Walkers, IC, 20

Squat, IC, 15

Merkins, IC, 10

Burpees, OYO, 10 (Cause Beta was late)



Normal rules of soccer. One team has to crab walk, while the other team has to bear crawl. Goalies have to plank. After every goal, teams swap roles (bear to crab, crab to bear), and goalies swapped out. We played for 30 minutes (much more tiring than it sounds).


Mosey to Hollywood Squares: (2 rds per set)

Box Jumps, OYO, 10

Incline Merkins, OYO, 10

Iron Cross, OYO, 15


Box Jumps, OYO, 10

Decline Merkins, OYO, 10

Pulse-Ups, OYO, 15


Box Jumps, OYO, 10

Dips, OYO, 10



Dealers Choice (cause I was out of ideas):


In and Outs


Little Baby Arm Circles (thanks Big Time)


Mosey to the Flag…done







Thanks to all the Pax that came out and participated in, from what I can tell, was the inaugural game of Crab vs Bear Soccer in F3-Columbia. It’s amazing the ideas and things you find perusing the F3 Nation website. Thank goodness we had good numbers for the game.  Fun was had by all, even with some learning pains, and some showed their prowess in case this thing ever takes off. Thanks to Beads for getting some videos.



Mission 2-yr Anniversary Convergence, 4/29

Get in The Pink 5k, 5/13

F3 Convergence at Brickpile, 5/13

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