• When: 2018-07-14
  • QIC: Turnpike
  • The PAX: Serena, Training Wheels (#Respect), McBeal, Selfie, Kamikaze (#Respect*2), Quaker, Turncoat, Book Worm, Enterprise, Ali, Balboa (#Respect), FNG (Husker), Turnpike

#TheMission Hosts #TheCastle

13 PAX, including one FNG (Husker) got better and posted at #TheMission. YHC was honored to lead the group and had some fun with blocks, bricks and jump ropes (well maybe not the jump ropes). As usual, after the warm-up, the workout didn’t really follow the Weinke, so apologies for the choppiness of this Backblast.

Conditions – 75 and shady, until the sun rose above the trees

Opened with the Disclaimer

The Thang (all 3 count):

  • SSH *20 (IC)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward *15 (IC)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Backward *15 (IC)
  • Raise the Roof *15 (IC)
  • Overhead Clap *15 (IC)
  • Through the Tunnel *20 (IC)
  • Imperial Walker *20 (IC)
  • Calf Stretch R/L
  • Big Boy Sit-ups *10 (OYO)
  • Flutter Kicks *20 (IC)
  • Burpees *5 (OYO)

With Blocks or Bricks and Jump Ropes, the PAX performed the following exercises some in cadence, some OYO:

  • Shoulder Press *20 reps, 3 sets
  • Jump Rope *20 turns (can’t click on grass)
  • Curls *20 reps, 2 sets; 12 reps *1 when Training Wheels had 2 bricks in each hand
  • Jump Rope *20 turns
  • Goblet Squat *20 reps, 3 sets, one long hold on #19
  • Deltoid Raise *20
  • Chest Press *20 reps, 2 sets; 30 reps *1
  • Mosey around green trash can
  • Cusak block or bricks around green trash can *2
  • Airchair * 60 seconds
  • Partner Iron Cross *25
  • Merkins *10 (OYO)
  • Jump Rope *20 turns

Solid work from the PAX this morning. #Tclaps to Balboa for sharing what F3 means to him. YHC is always inspired by #TheMission PAX and appreciates the warm welcome and fellowship.

COT: Counterama; Name-O-Rama, Announcements: #TheMission Annual Summer Cookout, Friday August 3, 2018, 5:30 PM at Pine Island. Check @F3TheMission Twitter feed for additional information. Prayer requests around circle, ending prayer. Honored to lead the PAX today.