• When: 2018-07-11
  • QIC: F3 Leadership
  • The PAX: RA, Pinkman, Bubbles, Heart Breaker, Steffie, Rosco, Listener, Robber, Ranger, Cheezy, Rook, Excavator, Furlough, Implant, Buttermaker, Subprime, Boo Boo, Quisenbury, Swanson, Treadmill, Tater, Seeker, Cesspool, Goose, Greenpeace, Big Worm, PC, Tough Guy, Daddy Warbucks, Lobsta, Geppetto, Tweetzy, IKEA, Cocktail, Cheesesteak, Mustard, Ritalin, Rudder, Betty Crocker, Ram Jack, El Guapo, Termite, Baby Ruth, Buck, Stewardess, Ken Doll, Shocker, Misfire, Noonan, Banjo, Sidesaddle, Double Down, Sky box, Caboose, Ashe, Cap Gun, Bell, Pondo, Heist, Improve, Chewy, Odyssey, Nails, Teddy, Snowden, Silver Bullet, Lampchop, Cuddles, Pele, Ponzie, Nap, Trademark, PreNup, Oscar, Woody, Quaker, Minion, Goodhands, Schweddy, Kamikaze, Venti, Special K, Insanity, China, Corndog, Lug Nut, Welcome Week, Fannie, Drive By, Turtle, Columbo, Nature Boy, Bulldog, Toe Ring, Tea Party, Sweet Tart, Chair, Lap Dog, Paper Jam, Bambi, Knock Off, Smokey, Napalm, GUMP, Small Mouth, Tiger Lilly, Shades of Grey, Cheddar, Red Light, Duckie, Sketch, Moist, Britta, Chop Shop, McNugget, Stent, Backdraft, OC, Costanza, Fallout, Dodgeball, Belding, OBC, Ball Boy, Ripcord, Boris, Q Beam, Hoops, Sway, Waterboy, Full Monty, Magoo, Beads, Holy Poker, Beta Max, BUndy, Borat, Slim Jim, Radar, Paper Boy, Kim Jung, Copay, Bunch, Pipeline, Rocking Chair, Contra, Clam Digger, Tardy, Crack, Choo Choo, Knozit, Kukoc, Jar Jar, yellow Cake, LA Gear, Stacato, Wall E, Turnpike, Night Ranger (FNG), Fox Hole, Bidet, Fro Yo, Gaston, Garnish, Kitty, Traitor, Serena, Cornstache, Collar, Huffy, Biggie Smalls, Billy Bob, Cutler, Pretty Boy, Polo, Taruasi, Turncoat, Katniss, (there were others that couldn't stay for COT).

Jack Fleischer Memorial Convergence

190+ PAX, including 1 FNG (Night Ranger dude had some serious locks), converged at #Brickpile.  PAX from Columbia, Lexington, and Lake Murray (and remotely) regions posted to remember our fallen brother ZOOT and honor his father (GUMP) and mother (Seam Ripper).

Shovel Flags lined the entrance to #Brickpile to show the power of F3 Nation!

However tragedy strikes us, these men are ready to serve as support for others.  Zoot was certainly that type of #HIM and it showed.  Night Ranger drove all the way from Florence this morning to be here to honor and remember ZOOT.  This was an amazing event because all types of workouts were available if you posted.  Bootcamp, Kettle Bells, Running (4, 5, and 6 mile routes), and Rucking.  No excuses allowed to not post and support a great family.  Here’s the THANG!

Conditions:  73 and slightly humid but still not a normal July morning for Cola.

Running Route: 

Proceed onto Adger Road 0.0
Left onto Berkeley Road 0.4
Left at Berkeley Fork 0.7
Left onto Trenholm Road 0.7
Right on Sunnyside Drive .09
Left onto Girardeau Avenue 1.4
Slight Zig Zag on Girardeau Ave 1.6
Left on Glenwood Road 1.7
Right onto Stratford Road 1.8
Left at fork on Devonshire Drive 2.1
Right at fork Canterbury Road 2.3
Bare left on Devonshire Drive 2.4
Zig Zag onto Woodrow Street 2.4
Left onto Devine Street 3.3
Arrive at Finish 4.0

For 5 Miles Take Left on Heyward to Left on Ott

For 6 Miles take Left on Superior to Left on  Ott

Scheweddy – 4Mile Guys 10 -11 Min Mile

Huffy – 5 Mile Group 9 Min Mile

Bundy – 6 Mile 7:30 Pace (These boys took off!)

Safety vests were utilized!

Rucking event:

Ballboy, Ripcord, and Big Time lead.

Jar Jar Prayer Walk – By the Church


Teddy lead this portion.

Warm up:  side straddle hop (20), little baby arm circles (20 each way), imperial walker (20)

Sets of three on your own:

30 Kettle bell swings
30 mercins (15 each arm)
30 goblet squats
30 napoms
30 calf raises
30 Russian twists
30 waiter presses (modify as needed)
30 woodchoppers
30 curls
30 mercins (15 each arm)
30 triceps
30 goblet squats
Plank up in between each set

Bootcamp lead by Nantan (Billy Bob)

Circle up at field:  All exercises were done with 19 count because of ZOOT’s age.

19 burpee warm up OYO

SSH IC x 19

BBS x 19 OYO

LBAC F/B/RR x 19 IC each

Heel Tap Crunch x19 OYO

Squats IC x 19

Knerkins IC x 19

Mosey around the rear parking lot then circle up back at front field.

Count off in 4s for 4 corners

Corner 1- Knerkins

Corner 2- Jump Squat

Corner 3- Carolina Dry Dock

Corner 4- Monkey Humpers

19 reps each

Bear crawl short sides 19 yard width.

AYG long sides

Flutters while waiting on 6.


Partner up

Partner derkins/curls x 19 switch

rinse repeat


BOM:  Greenpeace