• When: 2017-09-20
  • QIC: Kamikaze
  • The PAX: Toy, Turncoat, Selfie, Katnis, Grilz, Lambchop, Fudd "Respect", Wham, Turnpike, Backstop, Kamikaze "Respect"

#thecastle…#blocktime … #hammertime

Conditions Clear and 69 for 11 PAX  who chose to #getbetter versus the easy way out .

Handled that F3 Disclaimer thing

COP – 3 count SSHx5, 5 burpees – OYO, SSHx10, 5 burpees – OYO, TTT x 15, LBAC-F x 20, LBAC-R x 20 – Mosey to the “CB” Pile for Block Selection

Round 1 – Mosey to KG Drive for Kamikaze’s 20x20x20 and with a new twist +20 as in 20% more as these PAX are getting stronger – Merkins, LBC’s, and Squats – right turn to Guard Shack with 20x20x20+20% at each Cul-de-sac (total of 120 Merkins, 120 LBC’s and 120 Squats). PAX are warmed up for the CB’s.

Round 2 –  3 count IC with CB OHP x 20, Chest Press x 20, BBSI x 20 OYO, Curls x 15, Modified Squats With Block “SWB”x 20 #hammertime, Overhead Pullover Press x 15. Mosey to the picnic tables for 2 sets each 15 Tricep Dips and Incline Merkin.  Mosey to the Hot Box for 2 rounds of wall sit.

Round 3 –  3 count IC with CB OHP x 15, Curls x 15, Slo-Count Overhead Pullover Press x 10, BBSI x 20 OYO, Chest Press x 15, and ended with modified slo count SWB x 15 and done!

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama

HDHH – Bar None at 5 PM tonight.

Prayer and out!

Always a pleasure to #pushtherock or #pushthecinderblock with the Castle PAX – solid group of dedicated F3 Men.