• When: 08/03/15
  • QIC: Improv
  • The PAX: Peachy, Wingback, Denied (FNG - Jamie Williams), A1A, Chewy, Backdraft, Magoo, Carpet Bagger, Robber, Baby Ruth, Alter Boy (#TheBullsEye), Shiv (BE), #MysteryPax (BE), Grillz (BE), McLovin (BE), Lovebug (BE), Tuff Guy (BE), Bubbles (BE), Holy Poker (BE), Paperboy (BE), Plea (BE), Nymph (BE), Butterbean (BE), Sway (BE), Sisterwife (BE)

#TheBull…Under Construction

26 Pax, 11 for #TheBull & 15 for #TheBullsEye, posted this morning in the gloom and #GotBetter.  A little surprise greeted the Pax today as a small portion of stairs and entry near the middle stair tower were taped off.  No fear though…the Pax slid right on by through the “construction.”  And the humidity…the humidity was bad, so bad YHC had to get a back-up iPhone to record today’s #beatdown at the #ConcreteBeast because the screen and fingers were too sweaty to register.  #cobains

Conditions: 75 Degrees and 87% Humidity

The Thang:

#TheBull – Gather at the corner of Blossom and Bull Streets. Run to the top of the Bull Street hill stopping at Devine Street. Hang a left and enter the first of three garage stairwells. Climb to the top and complete 20 merkins. Descend down the same stairwell stopping at the base to complete 20 LBC’s. Continue down the Bull Street hill stopping at the 2nd garage stairwell. Up and down with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down the Bull Street hill stopping at the 3rd and lowest garage stairwell. Climb up and down with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down to the base of the Bull Street hill rounding the power pole. That’s 1 rep. Rinse & Repeat for 45-minutes completing AMRAP. With each new rep one merkin and LBC is removed (20, 20, 20; 19, 19, 19; 18, 18, 18; etc.).

COT & BOM – Tuff Guy

Results (#TheBull):

#Matador: Peachy – 297.5 (40 lbs.)
2nd Points: Robber – 240 (50 lbs.)
Most Reps: Wingback – 6.5 laps
Most Weight: Robber – 50 lbs.

Link to the Results

Results (#TheBullsEye):

Alter Boy (4.6)
Shiv (5.3)
Grillz (4.5)
McLovin (4.8)
Lovebug (4)
Tuff Guy (4.8)
Bubbles (4.7)
Holy Poker (5)
Paperboy (5)
Plea (4.2)
Nymph (4.2)
Butterbean (4.2)
Sway (3.2)
Sisterwife (4.5)
#MysteryPax (5.3) – Please let me know if this is you…


  • #TheBull on FIRE!  In honor of September 11th, Backdraft & Spot have something special planned for the Monday beforehand (9/7/15 – Labor Day).  The #ConcreteBeast will be taken over by the men of our fire department simulating what our brave men do on a daily basis going up and down stair towers will full fire gear.  You won’t want to miss this.
  • F3 Columbia Convergence set for August 29th at #Woodshed starting at 0700 (along with #Score and the #Wall).  #Dawnstrike hits the #Woodshed in tank tops at 0600.  #bethere
  • #IronYard/Anchor Convergence is set for August 28th at Riverfront Park at the Canal.  See @TyerKevin for details.
  • Little Mountain Half-Marathon: BRR prep or Big-Ole-Red-Pill Pre-blast Here.

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