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21 men entered the foggy gloom for a Chaser-led workout by choice as #Brickpile was swinging kettlebells a few miles away. They left with 300 reasons why maybe they should have gone to #Brickpile.

Conditions: 74 with heavy fog


The 300 Workout
Lap to football field center

25 Merkins OYO
20 4ct CLBC
12 Burpees OYO
Low Flutters x 20 4ct
Rinse & Repeat x 4 (Total Merkins including burpees= 148)
SSH 4ct x 25

Lap around football field

25 Merkins OYO
20 4ct CLBC
12 Burpees OYO
Low Flutters x 20
Rinse & Repeat x 4 (Total Merkins = 148)
SSH 4ct x 25

Lap to COT

4ct Merkin x 2 (Merkins 297, 298, 299 and 300)

Ball of Man led by Chaser

– Total Reps:
300 total Merkins (counting the burpees)
160 Flutters
320 CLBCs
96 Burpees

– Overheard during the workout (I believe from Dr. Phil): “To think I could have been swinging a ball with a girl this morning. What was I thinking?”

-BIG BANG this Saturday at F3Columbia #Irmo at Seven Oaks Park at 7am. Sway has the inagural Q. Mission has Q 8/10 and Chaser 8/17. Try to make it out one of the next three Saturdays to get them off to a solid start and spread the word in Irmo, Chapin and Lexington.

– Hot Summer Nights 5k this Saturday at 7:30pm at Hand Middle School. Always a great race. Hope to see some F3 Gear there.

– We need better Saturday #Convergence attendance from #Swampfox. We have fairly even numbers during the week and then it has been nearly 3 to 1 Brickpile to Swampfox on Saturdays…and don’t think they don’t notice. Alot of “those young guys can’t keep up” stuff. Two days a week is not going to make you much better. I encourage you to add the third workout.

– Support is growing for a big group to run the Governor’s Cup half marathon on 11/9. Fountainhead is looking at training plans to work into #Amble. If you’ve never run one and are looking for a boost in endurance or weight loss this is your ticket. More miles equals less net calories which equals weight loss. Set a goal and do it. You have 3 months to get ready. Plenty of time. If you’ve done a half before, or many of them, think of doing one with an F3 on your chest for the first time. More info to come…

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