• When: 2023-05-06
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: Churchkey, Bemis, Limoncello, SweetTart, clickbait, Hawg, Harbaugh

The 1st Wall in Downtown Lexington

AO: The Wall
FNGs: None
Beautiful day for running! Cool and cloudy.
Flag down Harbaugh and go over directions. 1 mi in the neighborhood at fellowship pace.
9.4ish mi with some PAX electing for a second loop to get to 10 mi. A tour of main street (where we found that Churchkey refuses to run on sidewalks even when the best option is to run on the sidewalk.) Cut through Willie B. Caractor park and take a quick pit stop at Shawshank for a bathroom break. Admire the beauty of Gibson Pond Park and take the park loop and run over the dam. Added in some dirt road action with Christie Street and back to the house. We all kept creeping up the pace despite Churchkey’s pleas. Shoutout to Harbaugh of F3 Lexington’s Stride for joining us today! Hopefully he can stay for post COT festivities next time.
05-16-23 0515-0615 Legion Day at Hampton Park
05-21-23 1300-1500 Steel Hands Family Day
05-26-23 0530 Amble 10 Yr Anniverrsary
05-29-23 1 hr Memorial Day Bull or Ruck/Murph in the NE
Prayers for EZ Street’s father.
Homemade yogurt, granola, cinnamon rolls, icing and some bangin’ breakfast sandwiches. Coffee selection was the Oliver Gospel Mission Roastery Hue Hue blend. Discussion of Churchkey’s bear crawl speed, a successful evening of showcasing art for clickbait and Limoncello announcing the superiority of the Chinese Pit Vipers for running shades.

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