• When: 10/31/15
  • QIC: CornStache
  • The PAX: Promo, Gump, and CornStache

The Wall tours flood areas

Maybe it was the fact that it was still dark, maybe it was the big road closed signs, maybe it was the rows of houses with no lights on and the doors open, maybe it was the truck on top of a bush, maybe it was the car with the windows completely fogged up, maybe it was the quite.  Too quite.  All you could hear was the feet of the 3 pax that ran down Timberlane Drive early Saturday morning.  Eerie doesn’t quite cover it but it’s close.  Fitting for a Halloween run, but it was not what YHC was after.  YHC thought it would be nice to see these areas again. Honestly it wasn’t. You could feel the destruction.  And (honestly) I think all of us wanted to get out ASAP.

The volunteer work is over, but it will take a LONG time for Columbia to completely recover. Please keep the areas and people hit hardest in mind.

The Thang: From Dreher went down Ott to Edmond, Edmond to Timberlane, Timberlane to S Kilborne, to Devereaux, to Rickenbacker, to Kilborne, to Devereaux, back to Dreher.  Eight miles in all.

BOM and COT by Gump.


  • Next week there will be a trail run.  We will meet at our normal time of 6:30am at the back entrance to the Sesquicentennial Park trails off of Polo Rd., parking by the gym at Polo Rd park.  Email Promo for details.

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