• When: 10/31/15
  • QIC: DriveBy
  • The PAX: Paperboy, Constanza, BetaMax, Beads, Heist, Boris, Sisterwife, Pipeline, OC, Huffy, DriveBy, Pole Position

Dawnstrike’s Halloween Plankenstein

Conditions: Cloudy, a little chilly, some dew on the ground, about 60 degrees.

The Thang:

YHC called his own number for Q and brought some help from Jack (o’lantern), in homage to Beads’ earlier pumpkinfest at #Thunder a few days ago.
Mosey from in front of Dreher to parking lot at corner of Carlisle and Daly.

SSH 31X (IC)

Merkins 31X (OYO)

LBAC (frontward) 31X (IC)

LBAC (backward) 20X (IC)


Plank (high)

Plank (low)

Burpees 10 (OYO)

Plank (high)

Plank (low)

Mosey to intersection of Princeton and Devereaux

Squats 31 (IC)

Plank (high)

Plank (low)

Plank (high)

Plank (low)

Mosey to intersection of Devereaux and Adger)

Partner up for Iron Crosses 31X (OYO)


Air Chair

Mosey to intersection of Adger and Berkley

One partner runs to manhole, then does 10 burpees while partner does LBCs


Mosey to intersection of Adger and Devereaux

Tunnel of Love in the gutter (#crowdpleaser)

Mosey to intersection of Devereaux and Princeton

Plank (high)

Plank (low)

Over the wall

Block party

Bench press 31X (OYO)

One partner Farmer Carries blocks length of parking lot while other partner remains in plank.


Curls 31X (IC)

Lunge walk (block optional, though Paperboy led by example, quick out of the starting blocks) width of parking lot.

Cusack blocks to cage

Mosey to side of gym

OC offered 6 minutes of uptempo resulting in the following: people’s chair, merkins, burpees, plank jacks and high knees

Mosey to the front of Dreher.

Moleskin: The pax were full of mumble chatter this morning, probably in anticipation of the tricks and treats the evening would afford them. Many verbalized their disdain for the high number of low planks and the wonderful pavement. This was particularly the case with the tunnel of love. T-claps to Costanza for inspiring the ranks by often running ahead of the group with Jack (o’lantern). The pax were excited to welcome FNG Peter Lehman who is now the official owner of the moniker, “Pole Position.

COT: Announcements included Mud Run 2020 sign-up! Cottonmouth has been moved to early January. Christmas party, Patty Pack 5K; Five-year anniversary party in March in Charlotte and the LongRun (with possible relay option).

BOM: Led by YHC

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