• When: 2020-05-28
  • QIC: Leon
  • The PAX: Boo Boo, Blowout, Duckie, Collier, Detour, Gaston, Billy Bob, Leon

The Pyramid

1. 5 burpees

2. 10 merkins

3. 15 LBCs

4. 20 Dry Docks

5. 25 squats

6. 60 sec plank

7. 35 Russian Twists

8. 40 shoulder presses

Start with step 1 then run 1 parking lot lap continue with step 1 again with the addition step 2 followed by another parking lot lap. Repete process of adding additional step each round until round 8.  After round 8 begin removing the last step each round until you are back down to 5 burpees.



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