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The Mission on a Mission

It was time for yet another one of our brothers from The Mission to step up and take command of the QIC controls for the first time on Saturday and boy did he ever. Sparks lived up to his name as the sparks indeed did fly when he and Nails teamed up and dropped the hammer on 11 faithful pax down at Finlay Park.

Conditions: 72 with 110% humidity (or a typical summer day in Columbia)

The Thang:
11 men worked together this morning to get stronger and better at the beginning of this Labor Day Weekend..
Nails started with SSH-in cadence x 30
Sparks picked it up with (all in cadence)
LBAC x 15
LBAC (reverse) x15
Overhead claps x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Nails; Squats x 15

Mosey to cones for a little running in 2 groups

Suicides – 15 yds, back, 30 yds and back. While 1 pax is running, the other pax exercises AMRAP.
Round 1 – Jump squats
Round 2 – Flutters
Round 3 – BB Situps
Round 4 – Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Grassy Knoll near Amphitheater. Run to top of hill. At the top of the hill were 5 terraces. 5 merkins at each Terrace. Run down to bottom for 20 dips on the wall.
R & R AMRAP for 8 minutes

Mosey back to flag for Nails Q:
All in cadence:
Plank Jacks x15
Heels to Heaven (Columbia premier) x 15
Manmakers x 10
LBC oyo x15
Hello Dolly x 15
Boat/ canoe
Dealers Choice:
A1 – SSH x15
Serena – Russian twists x 15
Tom Cat – Squats x 15
Alter Boy – Merkins x 15


1 FNG-Buzz Cut
Shares and prayers


Coffeteria at OGM

Lots of good work and good bonding and camaraderie this morning at The Mission. Sparks planned and delivered his VQ like an old pro with lots of mumblechatter and #crowdpleasers. Way to step up, Sparks.

Papa Smurf & Tom Cat stepped up to Q next Saturday.


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