• When: 2018-07-06
  • QIC: McLovin, Bird, McNugget
  • The PAX: Billy Bob, The Natural (FNG - Billy Bob's 2.0), Half Pipe, Pipeline, Scratches, Screech, Duckie, FNG - Narwhal, FNG - The Special, Cartwheel, Huffy, Sister Wife, Duck, Philippe, Shin Guard, Oscar (#Respect), Firecracker, Double Rub, Odyssey, Rarity, McLovin, Bird, McNugget, FNG - Senor Kiwi, Luciano, Robber,

The Gift of F3 Dads

27 Pax emerged from the #Fartsack this morning in search of a way to spend some time together on this glorious summer morning. Rolling into the parking lot (with just a couple of minutes to spare) was YHC with his 2.0s, armed with a cooler full of water balloons and a loosely constructed plan to have a little fun in the F3 Dads kind of way.  Those who were strong enough to defy the #Fartsack got a little better on the hallowed grounds of the #Brickpile.

Conditions – Perfect



SSH x 10 (IC)

Squats (with 2.0 on back of Pax) x 10 (IC)

Decline Push Ups (with 2.0 holding legs of Pax) x 10 (IC)


Frankenstein to Wall

2.0s line up along wall

Container of water balloons in middle of field

Pax must bear crawl to container.

2.0s sprint to container.

First to arrive gets one water balloon to throw at the other.

The 2.0s got the best of the Pax, and it was not close.


Frankenstein to Wall

Pax line up along wall and hold Peoples Chair.

2.0s line up along wall on opposite side of field.

2.0 sprint across field.

Pax sprint across field.

First to arrive gets one water balloon to throw at the other.

If 2.0 miss, they must perform 10 push ups.

If Pax miss, they must perform 10 burpees.

The Pax exercised a little revenge on the 2.0s.


Mosey back to Shovel Flag for brief discussion of Jeremiah 29:11


COT/BOM – Bird


  • There is the honor of posting with your F3 brothers, and then there is the gift of posting with your 2.0.  Being with your children and creating memories, while also doing a few push-ups and squats, it’s tough to beat.
  • T-Claps to my 2.0, Bird, who agreed to deliver the prayer during the BOM after YHC had given her 30 seconds or so of notice beforehand. She did YHC proud.
  • So thankful for the opportunity to put in a little work alongside so many smiling faces this morning.  Who knew that the Pax had untapped quickness that came to the surface when they were the targets of water balloons.
  • T-Claps to all the Pax and the 2.0s who picked up water balloon remnants off the ground around the Brickpile after our Q. Think YHC saw Oscar smiling.