• When: 2018-01-16
  • QIC: The F3 Axe
  • The PAX: Chewie (20:45); Teddy (20:43); Odyssey (20:25); Cuddles (20:55); Moneyball (19:50); Heidi (19:17); Ash (17:18); Silver Bullet (19:16)

The Frozen Axe

Eight brave and cold souls (except Teddy, who wasn’t cold) completed the @F3Woodshed #theF3AXE in the frigid 26 degree morning. The regular PT check workout was modified slightly due to a locked gate.*

WARM UP: Arm Circles (front 10, back 10); Squats (20); SSH (20).

(1) 20 squats;
(2) 5 burpies;*
(3) 20 BB sit ups;
(4) run around the Circus;
(5) 20 merkins; and
(6) 20 sledge hammer blows on the big tires (10 each arm dominant)

Repeat 4x. Then write down you time for completing the circuit. Ash came in first and Teddy improved his time from prior circuits, so they both got to sign the Championship Belt.

[*When the playground equipment is available, the second exercise is 7 pull ups.]

Return the big tires and amble back.

10 step ups (each leg) + 15 LBCs + 20 dips


10 burpies + 20 lunges in place + 20 Chaser LBCs


– Capgun has the Q Thursday.
– Wednesday happy hour at Bar None.
– Donations for Children’s Place will be collected Thursday morning. Chewie will send the @F3Woodshed list for donations via GroupMe.