• When: 2018-08-16
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Misfire, Where's the Beef, Gaston, Prom, Wilson, Wally, Pinkman, Duckie, Collar, Boo Boo, Garnish, McNuggett, Venti, Splinter, Turtle, Stent, Sheets, Stretch, Detour, Furlough, Polo, Zima, Billy Bob.

The first Swamp Fox/Hammer Blitzvergence!

On a dark and Gloomy morning, 23 men converged upon an asphalt parking lot unsure of what was to come. There was talk of a short workout and coffee. Yes, the coffeeteria, a virtual unknown experience for most boot campers in F3 Columbia these days. The stories about coffeteria from the runners were legendary, encapsulating the very best of what the 2nd F has to offer. The Trenholm Plaza parking lot was runner territory and a few PAX were posting here for the first time. Some were confused, as to where they should park, or in McNugget’s case, how to plant a shovel flag in asphalt. YHC pointed out the soft dirt, in the many landscaped areas, growing lush trees and flowers and advised he plant the Hammer flag there. No need to tear up the parking lot. At 0529.5 YHC announced the instructions for what would constitute the Blitz. 30 minutes. Give it all you’ve got. Leave nothing to spare. #GETAFTERIT! The following is what ensued…

Conditions: 74, Clear, Humid.


The Thang:

Warmup: At a fast pace- SSH, Through the tunnel, Imperial Walkers

Burpee Snake: Run up and down parking space lanes doing 1 burpee at each corner and intersection. 25 burpee total.

5min AMRAP: Knerkins, BBS, Jump Squats 5 reps each

Broad jump merkins: 5 merkins in each parking space then broad jump to next space. Rinse and repeat length of parking spaces. 13 spaces total.

Bear crawl back

5 min AMRAP: Hand release merkins, LBCs, RA lunge 5 reps each


Run back to flag.


Prayer by YHC

16 for Coffeeteria


This Friday night is your chance to meet and learn more about @F3PalmettoPlace. 5:30 – 7:00 near Triangle City.
RSVP if you know you are coming! Address and details can be found here:
evite.me/hEYWKtFY3M Message this account to learn more. Please make every fort to attend. Your presence will greatly impact these teenagers.

9-3-18 Labor Day Convergence at THUNDER (Hand Middle School) 0700. All other AO’s will be closed. Bootcamp, Ruck, and Kettle Bell options will be available.

PAX interested in participating in the Smoky Mountain Relay can contact Splinter.  registration for 4/26-27/2019 is open. @smokymtnrelay smokymountainrelay.com

Good luck to Head Coaches Venti (Westwood) and Splinter (Ben Lippen) as football season has begun. Dominate!