• When: 2019-01-31
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Insanity, Adrian, Robber, Welcome Week, Underwood, Spot, Popeye, Oscar, Poptart, Borat, Strudel, Mud Dog, Biggie Smalls.

Terraces upon Terraces

YHC hadn’t Qed at #THUNDER in some time and was really looking forward to it.  14 PAX pushed through the extreme cold (for us in SC it was extreme).  Here’s the THANG!

Conditions:  22 and cold (but not for long)

Disclaimer and make sure all know to wear reflective gear.

Depart the parking lot and head to the intersection of Wheat and King.  Circle up for a little warm up.


10 Burpees OYO (We’ll come back to this short circuit)

Line up in 2 columns.  Run down Wheat and turn right on Terrace Way and make our way to the Blossom St. intersection.  Crowd Pleaser.  Was reminded on multiple occasions “this is a boot camp”.  Yeah, Yeah, yeah…we’ll get there.

At the bottom of Terrace Way (next to Finlay House), instructions were given for the 3 rounds of partner exercises.

At the bottom:

100 Partner Merkins

Run to Top:  the intersection of Edgerton Ct. and Wheat (.22 miles one way)

100 Partner LBC’s

Run back down to the bottom

100 Partner diamond merkins

Run back to the top

100 Partner Ab exercises and YHC is drawing a complete blank on what we did.

Run back to the bottom

100 Partner Wide Arm Merkins

Run back to the top

100 Partner Iron Crosses

Plank and Air Chair until all PAX have completed the circuit.  The issue was, the PAX finished this circuit much faster than was planned sooooooo, the last circuit was much longer than originally planned.  Sorry, not sorry!

Line up in 2 columns again and head to the basketball court of the final circuit.  Circle up at midcourt.  Told you we’d revisit this.

20 SSC (IC)

10 Burpees (OYO)

5 rounds.

AYG back to the shovel flag!

BOM:  Cesspool


  • Please read the Men’s Health article on F3 and share with anyone you come across.
  • Please keep Johnathon Bankhead, Robber’s sister (Holly), and Insanity’s friend in your prayers.  Insanity’s friend was 38 and passed away from cancer.  Leaving behind a child.
  • Ongoing battle with #HAMMER vs. #THUNDER for a year long accountability attendance.  Service project on the line!
  • Robber complained about the almost 2 miles we covered during this “boot camp”.

DEVO:  Strudel