• When: 10/15/15
  • QIC: Stretch
  • The PAX: Stretch, Cousteau, Pele, OBC, Big Worm, Dial Tone (FNG), Pre-nup, Neighbors

Tennis anyone?

8 pax presented to Score this morning for an early morning tennis court beatdown.

The Condition: mid 50s

The Thang:
All 15 reps 4 count
Frankenstein kicks
Butt kicks
LAC fwd
Shoulder press
LAC bwd
Overhead claps
Lunge in place x 10 seconds x 5 each leg

Raise the roof to 10 merkins and 40 overhead press

People’s chair x 1 minute and then 30 seconds w/L and then R leg

First person bear crawls to other side and back, once he returns the next person goes. Go until everyone has gone once and then second bout is backwards crab crawl to other side and then forward crab crawl back. The rest of the pax cycle through the following exercises until pax member returns: squats, balls to the wall (performed twice), carolina dry dock, merkins, flutter kicks, LBC’s, iron cross, SLB’s, fence climb up/down the fence, burpees, peoples chair, boat canoe.

Spiderman merkins to other side of court, lunge walk back.

– Saturday workday meeting at Kathwood


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