• When: 10/15/15
  • QIC: Garnish
  • The PAX: Splinter, Collar, Chop Shop, Ducky, Boo Boo, Sweetness, Misfire

Hammer Partners Up to Fight the Cold

8 PAX braved the 55 degree “chill” to put in some work. The low numbers allowed for maximum effort due to minimal down time between exercises.



A lap around the field

SSH IC x 25

Merkins IC x 20

BBS OYO x 10

Squats IC x 10

Little baby arm circles (front and back), shoulder press, overhead clap IC x 10

Head to endzone and line up on the end line. Lunges to the far end zone, stop every 10 lunges for 5 squats. At the other end, run back, stopping every 10 yards for 10 merkins.

At the tennis courts, complete 3 suicides. 6 burpees at the end of the first court, 4 at the end of the second, 2 at the end of the third, down and back to the last one.

Head to the playground and parter up. Start with 100 parter big boy situps. One PAX completes the BBS, the other PAX holds 6 inches.

Next, alternate between 10 pullups and 10 iron crosses for a total of 50 each.

Then, the partners completed 100 partner squats, “resting” PAX waiting in the air chair position until their turn.

To finish the workout, a set of down and back Deions.


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