• When: 10/15/2015
  • QIC: SubPrime
  • The PAX: Mulch, ChooChoo, Polo, Fannie, Snowbird, Stent, Michelle, Sheets, Fountainhead, Batboy, Strom, FatBack, 2ndHand, Spread, Furlough, Okra, Chaser, McLovin, SubPrime

#SwampFox Report: the hard work continues…

19 men posted to the crisp #gloom this morning for their Thursday #DRP delivered at the hands of YHC.  It was phenominal to see such a nice size crowd at #SwampFox and everyone did their best to get some strong work done.  McLovin made the trip over from #Thunder to join in the festivities and by the time the 45th minute passed everyone was a bit better than they were before they arrived.


YHC was honored to have the opportunity to lead #SwampFox in a workout less than a week removed from a week spent by many helping our community pick up the pieces from the devastating Flood of 2015.  Every AO in F3 Columbia, Lake Murray, and Lexington felt the impact of this storm but none were impacted quite like the ‘Fox.  #SwampFox has had a unique persona since its inception two years ago and true to form they handled much of their flood relief efforts their own way. By ‘their own way’ YHC is implying that as a collective group these guys busted their humps for the better part of a week in rallying passionately around their effected brothers, neighborhoods, and victims many of whom they had never met.  YHC was included on their email list throughout the week and there was not one time YHC pulled out his phone and didn’t find several #SwampFox emails either promoting another work-site or asking where they could work next.  On many mornings they were already hard at work while the rest of us were just starting to gather.  Make no mistake, virtually every F3 man is to be commended on their selfless service these last ten days but as a group the #SwampFox guys serve as the model of invigoration of male community leadership.

Conditions – 55 degrees; perfect

The Thang:

Parking Lot – Every Time the pax move do SSH until the six arrives…all day

  • SSH – 25 (4ct)

Depart SwampFox headed up Clemson, Left on Converse; stop

  • Merkins – 12 (4ct)

Run one block to Converse and Furman

  • V-Ups – 12 (OYO)

Run to Converse and Wofford (Park)

  • Over-Unders Using Park Fence – 10 (OYO)

COP – Around dinosaurs at Park

  • Imperial Walker – 25 (4ct)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles, Forward/Backward – 20 (4ct)
  • Shoulder Press – 20 (4ct)

Split Pax – half on pull ups, half on Russian Twists

  • Pull Ups – 60 Sec AMRAP
  • Russian Twists – 60 Sec AMRAP
  • Over-Unders Using Park Fence – 10 (OYO)

Depart Park Headed up Converse; stop at Converse and Furman

  • V-Ups – 12 (OYO)

Run to Converse and Clem

  • Merkins – 12 (4ct)

Run to Clem and Driveway Entrance

Partner Up With Someone of Like Ability and Speed

4 Corners of Hell (Runs 0.51 Mile Loop Continuously for 15 Minutes AFAP)

Line Up on Clem Beside Grassy Knoll Facing Forest Dr

  • Start (Corner 1) – 12 Jump Squats
  • Run AFAP to Corner at Far End of School (Corner 2) – 10 Burpees
  • Run AFAP to Next Corner in Rear of School – 25 Russian Twists (count one side)
  • Run AFAP to Next Corner (Corner 4 at Brick Wall); Partner 1 Assumes People’s Chair While Partner 2 Executes 30 Merkins; Flap Jack
  • Run AFAP Back To Start Corner

Rinse & Repeat AMRAP for 15 Minutes

Run to COT

COP – Mary

  • Flutter Kicks – 25 (4ct)
  • Freddie Mercury – 25 (4ct)


BOM – Closed out by SubPrime

Devo – Offered by Snowbird


  • It is always great to move around and Q other workouts and this morning at #SwampFox was no exception.  Greta work by all pushing through a workout that covered some distance.
  • We enjoued a nice six-pack at #Coffeeteria this morning.  With the Boil Water Advisory freshly lifted Starbucks was back in service.  The #2ndF was refreshing to say the least.


  • All AO’s are open Saturday and we will also have another Saturday workday launching from Kathwood Baptist Church at 9:00 AM.  All are welcome!  #DoubleDown
  • The Mud Run is next Saturday.  While registration is now closed hopefully participants are honing their obstacle game in advance of the event.  Stay tuned for gameday updates and rendezvous details.
  • Palmetto 200 sign-up is on-going.  Get a team together and give this event a shot.  If you’ve never attempted a relay race this is the one to cut your teeth on.  Interest across the F3 Nation seems to be growing so please do not miss this Palmetto State #CSAUP opportunity!  Check out the PreBlast here:Palmetto 200 PreBlast Link

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