• When: 2019-02-18
  • QIC: Schweddy
  • The PAX: Tapeworm, Gaston, Betamax, Filter, Biggie Smalls, Paperboy, Noonan, Shocker, Schweddy

Tails Before Horns

Eight, well really nine but two were there only half the time so we counted them as a combined one, got their week off to a proper start by taking a ride on the Bull or Bullseye.  By the way, YHC LOVES the Bull.  First its a self-paced 45-minutes so all speeds and fitness levels work.  Second, there is a plethora of ways to “modify as needed” to fit your goals.  (As info, this morning’s PAX ranged in age from 27 to 73.  Yes, 73!)  And finally, no matter what, you still have to climb those hills so even if slow, there is NO CHEATING THE BULL!

Conditions: 43F and moist, thanks to the previous nights rain.

Disclaimer: Yep

The Thang:

Only one PAX, Tapeworm, ran the Bullseye.  He looked strong.

The remaining PAX ran the Bull with a shared challenge and their own modify.

Gaston & Filter went native with the traditional Bull, getting their steps, merkins and crunches in.  Gaston naked and on the run and Filter on the ruck about while wearing a weighted vest with hanging hand-grenades.

Paperboy, Noonan & Shocker ran naked and traditionalish as they did not go up and down the steps – merkins and crunches were done at ground level.

Beta, with ruck, hiked with a naked Biggie (post Dam to Dam) and YHC, naked, mostly ran.  We three modified to the Bull Run where you skip the steps, merkins & crunches and instead run to the far end of the garage, and back, at each tower.  Looks like a big backwards “3”.

The Challenge:

When hiking/rucking/running up Bull Street hill, all PAX were encouraged to do it in  reverse.  Yes, backwards, uphill running.  And yes, WORK WAS DONE!  It was a great start to the week.

COT/BOM: Schweddy