• When: 12/15/15
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Garnish, Turtle, Collar, BooBoo, Gaston, ChopShop, Duckie, SlumDog, Misfire, Splinter, McNugget, CarpetBagger, Sweetness, Detour, RA & F'head

#TabataTuesday Revisited @ #Hammer

I cheat.  It’s like the phrase “Rubbin’s Racin'” translated through the GORUCK filter which espouses the idea that if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.  Well, while I disdain that particular perspective on just about all of life, sometimes you’ve got to stack the deck in your favor.  Such is the case with most visits to #Hammer.  When Q’ing at some AO’s you’ve just got to lead in such a way that the Pax get what’s needed without succumbing, yourself, to the abattoir of pain through which you wont survive.  So, I cheat.  Confession made.  Work was done, lots of it, and YHC didn’t #SpillMerlot.

Conditions: Balmy in the high 50’s


Mosey to the squishy field for a quick COP to loosen the phlegm & get the red blood cells where they’re needed.

  • SSH X 30, 4CT IC
  • Mercans X 15, 4CT IC
  • LBCs X 30, 4CT IC

Grab some #HammerPavers and return to the field for a reprise of #TabataTuesday. For those uninitiated, a tabata is a 4 minute AMRAP focused on a single muscle group…  20 seconds of work X 8 sets with a 10 second break between each set.  The cheat is that some guys can crank out some of these exersizes like they were born to it.  By the 8th set, though, if they’re really going 100%, there is a limit and you will find it.  So, for the following simple series, understand that it represents nearly 100% effort to nearly failure:

  • V-Ups touching the pavers to your toes
  • Mercans on the pavers
  • Goblet Squats with the pavers
  • Russian Twists, you guessed it, with pavers
  • Overhead Press with pavers
  • Monkey Humpers (Crowd Pleaser… in spite of being done sans-pavers)
  • Curls (for the Girls) with pavers
  • Lunges with pavers

That series taking us nearly to the mornings conclusion, we packed in the pavers and returned to the COP for a final Tabata set of:

  • Burpees.




Always a pleasure to be at #Hammer… even if it stretches my soul each time.  Ya’ll need to learn to count better, though.  I swear we did ten sets of Monkey Humpers but half that of Squats.  HeeHaw promised to teach that Thursday so get your arithmetic on.


  • Christmas Party!  TONIGHT!  Kings Grant Clubhouse.  All are welcome.  The Twittah AND the email’s got the details.  Oh Come All Ye #Faithful.
  • Q101 on Tap for Thursday.  HeeHaw promises a #Hammer worthy edition with some educational content mixed in.
  • Mini-Convergences with SwampFox planned for the coming weeks.  Keep your ears open for the dates as one of these Tuesdays/Thursday #Hammer will relocated to Crayton Middle School and the other #Hammer will play host to the #SwampFox pax.
  • But for Christmas day itself, all AO’s are open for business through the holidays.  Get your sugar rush burned off and ring in the New Year right.



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