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#SwampFox Paves the Greenbriar Neighborhood

21 men posted in balmy weather after Tuesday’s frozen tundra and celebrated Tuesday’s temperatureX2 by revisiting the long lost #Paversn’Slabs for a BrickPile-esque beat down at the hands of Chaser. Because of the chronically wet football field as they try to get winter rye to grow we have not spent hardly any time with our pain implements recently. That changed. The workout included a nice light jaunt around the Greenbriar neighborhood carrying the oh-so-light pavers and jumping over a creek in the dark…twice.

Conditions: 33 degrees, no wind. #Steamy

Mosey down through the football field and to the brickpile and each man grab two pavers and a slab. Carry down to the #PineCathedral clearing.

SSH x 30
Alternating Paver raises (front/side) x 20
Slab curls x 20
Shoulder Paver Press x 20
Tricep Press x 15
Alternating Paver Raises x 15
Slab Curls x 15
Shoulder Press x 15

Grab pavers, jump over creek and mosey up the Converse hill and down to
Converse/Chicora: Tabata Merkins (20sec ON, 10sec OFF, 20sec ON, 10sec Off, 20sec ON)

Converse/Hillside: Tabata Shoulder Press (20sec ON, 10sec OFF, 20sec ON, 10sec Off, 20sec ON)
Tabata Sit Ups with Partner Couting Reps (20sec ON, 10sec OFF, 20sec ON, 10sec Off, 20sec ON) SWITCH

Hillside/Converse (other end): Tabata Tricep Press (20sec ON, 10sec OFF, 20sec ON, 10sec Off, 20sec ON)

Mosey to #PineCathedral
, jump creek.

Alternating Paver Raises x 15
Slab Curls x 15
Russian Twists x 20 (slow count)
Flutter Kicks x 41, straight into 6 inches/Protractor, straight into Flutter Kicks x 15 slow count

Put up #Paversn’Slabs, plank on football hill facing downhill.
Decline Merkins x 15 with last 5 slow count.

Mosey up to COT
Ball of Man led by Chaser.

– Good numbers today and T-Claps to all for posting. The mind is a wonderful thing and YHC thinks that after Tuesday’s 16 some figured 33 just wasn’t that bad and posted when maybe they wouldn’t have normally and found that 33 really isn’t bad. Come on back Tuesday!

– Challenge issued to pax to pick one guy who has not posted in a while and work that EH to get him back. Remember, EHing a guy EHs yourself at the same time. If you encourage a man to post it also holds you accountable to post. Two way street. EH for him and for you.

Announcements:F3BibleCHallenge2014: In the words of Stain: “Week 1 is in the books. 51 more to go for one of the greatest goals you will ever set! Paul wrote, “Perseverance creates character and character creates hope”. Keep preserving; keep pushing; and keep holding each other accountable. It is not too late to get on board. Email me for details if you need them ([email protected]).

Giving: With it being so cold, Seeker asked us to remember those that aren’t as fortunate as we are, and are suffering in this weather without proper clothing. if you have any jackets or warm clothing you don’t want or use anymore, please bring it to your workouts this week, Seeker will find it a new home where it is needed. Grease-Trap literally gave the (sweat)shirt right off his back….which was a little gross…but full of good intent.

Run-Hard Half Marathon training is officially underway and the plan/routes are posted in the preblast: http://f3nation.com/2013/12/18/run-hard-preblast/ – With Saturday’s Murph/Lone Survivor plans stay tuned for variations on the long run (also scheduled for Saturday).

Saturday, 1/11/14 is a special F3Nation-wide event to honor our military. All AO’s are being encouraged to perform “The Murph” workout and then gather together at Dutch Square AMC for a private screening of The Lone Survivor. Kim Jung is taking the lead. Cost is $10 with any additional funds going to either Wounded Warrior or the Lone Survivor Foundation. Check out the Preblast and plan for a little extra time that Saturday morning with F3Columbia. Downtown Saturday Options Include: Regular Convergence 7:00-8:00, Run Hard Half 7miler 7:00-8:00, Run Hard 7miler + Murph 6:45. ALL AT DREHER front parking lot.

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