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#SwampFox endures 45 minutes of Adrian

20 pax moved into the gloom and endured a workout better suited for Rocky than Adrian. Adrian is named after a meek and mild, pencil-necked, geek-looking woman who remained at Rocky’s side through thick and thin (at least through the first four movies). Our Adrian may need to be renamed as the workout at #SwampFox would have killed a meek and mild, pencil-necked, geek-looking woman. Killed her dead.

51 degrees.

Run to lower field
Warm-up lap around field

SSH x 25 (4ct)
Burpees x 10 OYO into plank
Merkins x 20 (4ct)
Chaser LBC’s x 30 (4ct)
Mountain Climbers x 25 (4ct) into plank
Flutter kicks x 30 (4ct)
Burpees x 15 OYO into plank
Wide arm merkins x 15 (4ct)
Rocky sit-ups x 20 OYO into plank
Mountain Climbers x 25 (4ct) into plank
Carolina Drydock x 12 (4ct)
Burpees x 10 plank when finished

Run to #TreeofLife
Group 1 (Tree of Life):
Step ups x 20 each leg
Dips x 15 (4ct)
Jump squats x 15 (slow 4ct, lower to 3ct and jump on 4)
Decline Merkins x 15 (4ct)

Group 2 (Hill Work on side of school / Mud Run style)

Single file, up/down/around cones, plank while waiting, reverse order on way back
Rinse and Repeat x 4

Run to #HamburgerHill
Get in groups of 4
Bear Crawl up big hill together to the fire hydrant, next group starts after 3 seconds, run down
Sprint up, next group go after 3 seconds, run down
Bear Crawl up, run down
Sprint up, next group go after 3 seconds, run down
Bear Crawl up, run down
Sprint up, next group go after 3 seconds, run down

Partner up at goal line for partner runs:

Goal line to 50 –
First guy 10 Merkins, Russian Twist until partner returns
Second guy sprint to 50, 7 Burpees at 50, sprint back
Switch, plank while wait
First guy 10 Merkins, Russian Twist until partner returns
Second guy sprint to 50, 7 Burpees at 50, sprint back
Plank while wait

Iron Cross with partner x 25, switch

Run up #WalterPayton to COT

Ball of Man led by Adrian.


– You should take pride in the fact that you work out at SwampFox. I’ve put together a list of Qs to rotate and have heard from many of them something to the effect of “Man, I’m going to have to get creative and bring it to challenge the SwampFox guys.” It’s a good rep to have. We push ourselves through our workouts to earn that reputation. You heard it again from Adrian in COT, “It’s hard to push you SwampFox guys”. Keep up the good work and earn the reputation every workout.

Northeast Columbia Big Bang is THIS Saturday 11/2 at North Springs Park on Clemson Road at 7am. We need a handful of guys to go out there to help get them started and then go to breakfast as well to show them what F3 is all about. #AllThreeFs. Chaser and Sway will have the tag-team first Q.

– We are discussing a Movember push in F3 Columbia to raise awareness for male-oriented diseases, namely prostate and testicular cancer. The website is here: http://us.movember.com/ The cause raises awareness so that men will get yearly physicals and in those physicals ask to have their PSA levels checked in bloodwork as this is often the first way prostate cancer is detected. We are not raising money or doing anything official and many of our guys will likely opt for the full beard rather than moustache only. Talk it up.

– We are making our final push to get guys to commit to the Palmetto 200. We are currenly at 29 commits. We need 36 for 3 full teams. See the pre-blast here for more information and sign up by emailing me ([email protected]). We will begin collecting the $87 registration fee in a few days so that we can sign up before 11/30 when the price goes up. Race weekend costs should not total more than about $50 per man so this is not very expensive.

– Governor’s Cup Half Marathon is 11/9 and starts and finishes at the State House. We have 17 running the half-marathon and several more running the 8k. If you’re interested in the 8k contact Robber ([email protected]). If you’re not running please come down to the finish line be 9:30 to cheer on your F3 brothers as they finish. Wear a F3 shirt and bring the family. There are alot of acitivities down there and it would be great to have a big F3 presence.

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  1. Thanks for having me gentlemen. We need to plant some old guys at Swampfox to up the average age over 30.

    Hope some of you guys will join us at Thunder sometime. Numbers have been down a little, so maybe give us a visit one day to enjoy some new scenery. The good news is we don’t have Hamburger Hill. We also have some Tomatoes in the Sun.

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