• When: 2018-07-10
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Venti, Polo, Kitty, Lavar, Prom, Tater Tot

Swamp Fox VQ for YHC

YHC has posted to #SwampFox a couple of times but never Qed at this location.  Thanks Venti for giving me the opportunity.  7 PAX showed up for Lord only knows what.  Plans were still developing through the morning as YHC drove up.  Rutland, Citadel park, Bricks, oh my.  What is a young man to do?  Here’s the THANG!

Conditions:  67 and no humidity.  Have we moved to San Diego?

Lap around the drop off loop to the front entrance (Coker and Clemson).  We circle up for a circuit that the PAX became very familiar with quickly.


10 Merkins IC

10 LBC’s IC

5 Jump Squats OYO (This will be repeated many times over)

Run to the intersections following intersections and perform THE CIRCUIT (above).

Coker and Furman, Coker and Wofford (BEAT Wofford. Beat Wofford.  BEAT the HELL out of Wofford!)  Sorry, I just blacked out for a second.  Back to work.  Wofford and Converse.

Mosey to the swing sets in CITADEL park for group work.

100 total pull ups (which YHC miscalculated so we had to double back for a short set to make up for it.)  Run to the tip of the triangle for 200 total Merkins.  Run to the entrance on Wofford for 300 total ab movements.  Pick your poison.  Finish the pull ups and run back out of CITADEL park up Converse.

Stop at the following intersections and the perform THE CIRCUIT.

Converse and Furman, Converse and Clemson, Clemson and Coker again.

Mosey to the tennis courts.  PAX are given instructions to line up on the side line fence.  You are to perform a Capriati.  A Capriati is a suicide on the tennis court.  Hand on fence, run to each line that you intersect and back to the fence.  There are two courts that the PAX had to perform this set.  Circle up for THE CIRCUIT.   Back on the fence for another Capriati.  Polo was moving on this one.  One more of THE CIRCUIT.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary.

5 V ups OYO

5 rounds of Supermans 10 seconds on 5 seconds off.

10 Freddy Mercury’s IC

10 Box Cutters IC

10 LBC’s IC

2 minutes of plank.

BOM: Cesspool


  • Convergence of all running AO’s tomorrow 7-11-18 at #BRICKPILE (Dreher High School) at 0530.  There will be a route that can be cut to whatever length you want.  There will also be a bootcamp lead by the Nantan if you chose not to run.  This is to honor the memory of Jack (ZOOT) Fleischer.  Jack passed away Friday night in a drowning accident and he was 19 years old.  Please make plans to join us and wear RED, WHITE, AND BLUE.