• When: 06-07-18
  • QIC: Kenny G & Belding
  • The PAX: Chewy, Odyssey, Belle, Pampers, Bone Saw, Teddy, Belding, Kenny G

Summer School in session at the ‘shed

8 PAX posted for a summer school edition of the Woodshed, instructed by Belding & YHC. Conditions were good and PAX were ready to learn, here’s how it went down.

YHC starts off class with some bell work…disclaimer given, circle up for a brief COP.

5 burpees OYO, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 5 burpees OYO, 30 SSH IC, 15 LBAC forward IC, 15 LBAC backward IC, 20 Raise the roof IC, 20 overhead clap IC, 5 burpees OYO.

Burpees took too long, YHC sends class to the Principal’s office. Belding takes over and punishes the class with the “Super Six”.

1st cone – 6 Squats IC, run to the second cone.

2nd cone – 6 Plank Jacks IC, run back to the 1st cone for 6 Squats IC, run to the 3rd cone.

3rd cone – 6 Merkins IC, run back to 2nd cone (Plank Jacks), 1st  cone (squats), run to the 4th cone.

4th cone – 6 Freddie Mercurys IC, run to 3rd, 2nd, 1st cones hitting assigned exercises along the way. Run to the 5th cone.

5th cone – 6 Lunges each leg OYO…back to each previous cone, do the exercises, run to the last cone.

6th cone – 6 burpees OYO, back to each cone, do the stuff.

Belding sends PAX to their next class, the track (car loop) where YHC takes over.

Partner up – Round 1…Partner 1 begins bear crawl around the track while partner 2 runs in opposite direction. When partners meet, do 10 fistbump merkins, then switch roles (partner 1 runs rest of way around the track while partner 2 bear crawls the rest of the way). Round 2…The same concept, replace bear crawl with crab walk and fist bump merkins with LBCs. Round 3…replace crab walk with duck walk and/or lunge and LBC to Squats.

YHC heard some complaining and saw some bad form, sends class back to principal’s office.

Belding takes the class back to the grassy field for a stern lecture and a modified Super Six. Run straight to the 6th cone (6 burpees), 5th cone (6 Lunges each leg), 4th cone (6 Freddie Mercurys IC), 3rd cone (6 Merkins IC), 2nd cone (6 Plank Jacks IC), 1st cone (6 Squats IC).

5 minutes left, YHC runs class over to the playground for pop quiz…remember Chelsea? Every minute do 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats…the minutes fly by!

Last but not least, a very brief Mary as an exit slip from class. 40 Flutter kicks IC followed by a couple of boat/canoes.

Class reconvenes at COT

Moleskin: It was great to finally get back to leading a boot camp, I’ve missed it! YHC forgot about the importance of gloves at a bootcamp…my palms are still on fire from the bear crawls and crab walks on the asphalt (soft musician’s hands). I feel like Belding and I put together a good full body workout, not bad for a couple of runners (although YHC did overhear Belding complaining that all these Merkins were going to ruin his Runners’ Arms. #soccerarms #jenner).

Prayer Request:

Belding is leading a group of HS Seniors on a Missions trip to India.

– June 16th is the Passing of the Torch to our newest leader of F3 Columbia, post to Brickpile.
-June 25th is Crazy Train II week.  Schedule is Bull, Hammer, Armory/Stumble, Thunder, Ramble, Battle/Mission.  All Ozzy’s (finishers of Crazy Train) will get a carbonated beverage of their choice at the following Bar None HDHH.
-July 7th is the Quad-vergence at Mission led by Woodshed/Legion/Stumble/Iron Yard.  Large tires will be involved.