• When: 2018-06-07
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Stay Puff, Belding, Caboose, Crisco, Shankapotomus (R), Tongue n Groove, Defect, Nub

Lets get in “touch” with one another…

Well just as in life, the good Lord has a plan for everything and today’s circumstances helped me formulate a plan for the gloom.  You see today is YHC’s 15th wedding anniversary to the best lady I know (yes, i am a bit biased).  I actually did not plan to Q on this date but after some switching around due to upcoming events that’s what it was.  While thinking over my last 15 yrs with my wonderful partner, i just figured we’d get in some partner work this morning…work was done while hopefully also getting a little bit from the Nub-isms along the way.  Here’s is how it went…

Conditions: Nice, real nice

1 min warning/Disclaimer/Prayer

YHC had arrived early to seemingly get in a little rucklite but little did the pax know i was loading my rucksack down with good ole Smokehouse bricks and being the nice guy I am had the ruck waiting at the shovelflag which by the way was mysteriously not here this morning…uh um Urkel…

Surprise…open the ruck and grab two anniversary gifts straight from Nub’s heart and lets mosey.  Mosey took us up towards the top of campus being careful to dodge Mr. Skunkapotomus that i saw on my initial stroll this morning.  Stop at the entrance of the school and circle up (smile we’re on candid camera (hello Honcho…yes we do miss you in the gloom).  Dirty Birds x 15 IC then Overhead claps x 15 IC and mosey again stopping just before the front entrance to do some LBAC x 15 IC, mosey to front of school and finally TTT x 15 IC.

We have arrived at the starting point of today’s fun, YHC told how life partners will form and then surely make a home, which is why we were right in front of the house building project at BLHS and also out by the main road so that we can also practice being visible in our partner walk with God, showing the world how we choose to live in our faith and with our everyday lives.(Nub-ism).  Partner up and start at cone one, wheelbarrow walk to each cone doing 15 decline merkins at each cone and then carry your partner back to starting cone, flapjack.  Once both partners had the pleasure of completing this portion of the workout.  YHC explained how partnerships inevitably grow whether be by adding kids or just other side of family, so now we transition from partner work to group work.  Line up shoulder to shoulder and interlock arms around your neighbors necks and we’ll now lunge as a group the length of the cones, once at the end we’ll reverse lunge back to the starting cone.   Now we’ve seen how partners become groups but don’t lose sight of the most important earthly relationship, your partner (Nub-ism), so back to your partner work and complete Power merkins, P1 low plank and P2 start w/ one hand on partners shoulder and one on ground and complete 5 merkins move to middle with both hands on partners shoulders, 5 merkins, and then to he other side of partner 5 more merkins.  Flapjack. Don’t forget about the group so now the group will line up and start in the down merkin position and put feet on pax behind you’s shoulders then OMC complete merkins x 15 hand on ground/feet on pax.  By this time the man touching was gaining alot of chatter, which was the point!

Mosey to fine arts center steps and YHC instructs how partners in life have to have times to lead, follow and also compromise (Nub-ism). So between you and your partner decide and call and exercise.  P1 do the called exercise while P2 runs down and up steps, flapjack.  Each set of partner/pax will call their own exercise to be completed by all pax.  Exercises called were T-merkins, flutter kicks, squats, burpees, iron crosses, merkins, LBC’s.  Mosey to virtual SF and circle up for 1-15 ct Star plank OMC.  Time called.

Name/count o rama

Announcements (Christmas party coming)

Prayers-SK/Doodle family, Matlock/family, Wilson/foot surgery, Shank/upcoming surgery

Devo: What comes into your mind when you hear the word “cherish”? It means to treasure, to value, to deeply appreciate, to take pleasure in and to esteem. There is no shortage of love songs that use the word cherish. If you used traditional vows at your wedding, you likely promised “to love, honor and cherish” one another. That meant that you vowed to hold each other in the highest regard. This tender attitude is quite common as couples begin their romantic journey. But often, as time goes on, couples can lose this sense of treasuring one another.
The practicalities of life can override some of these important feelings. Spouses may take each other for granted until one of them has to leave on a trip; when separated, those feelings of cherishing one another come rushing back.
Although Scripture does not explicitly challenge couples to “cherish one another,” clearly it is an implicit challenge. We see this theme in Ephesians 5, where husbands are challenged to love their wives as Christ has loved the church. Jesus cherished the church so much that He gave up His life for the church. Wives are instructed to respect their husbands; this too is an expression of cherishing. When a wife shows respect to her husband, she is holding him in high esteem.
These themes are reiterated in Colossians 3:19 where husbands are instructed to love their wives and not to be harsh with them. The implication is that men are to treat their wives like a precious treasure. Proverbs 31:10 says that a wife of character is worth more than rubies. Wives can cherish their husbands by becoming women of godly character.
Maybe you can relate to some of these scriptures. I’m sure each of you truly does cherish the other. But sometimes, because of familiarity, we forget to express to our spouse how special they are to us. Each of us receives and expresses love differently, which means we need to be students of our spouses and discern specific ways in which we can help our spouse feel cherished.