• When: 01/27/16
  • QIC: Wingback
  • The PAX: Beacon, Hee-Haw, Holy Poker, Skirt, Showgirl, Pipeline, Shadetree, Silver Bullet, Pondo

#StumbleXL Saves the Best for Last

10 PAX rolled themselves out of the fartsack this morning to knock out a 7 mile route at #Stumble. With the P200 quickly approaching, training all around the F3Columbia area has gone into overdrive, and it ain’t no different at #Stumble. (Sometimes you just have to let the southern boy out). This was a relatively flat and painless route- for the first 5.5. Then you turn a corner and “Say Hello to Martha”.


R out of AO on Olde Knight, R on Galway, L of Christie, R on Byron, L on Shelly, Across Veterans onto Coachmaker, L on Rockwood, R on Knollwood, R on Street name Unkown, L on Planters, R on Britton, turn corner and it turns into Burnside, all the way around Burnside loop, back onto Britton, R on Veterans, L on Garners Ferry, L on Old Woodlands, R on Sallie Baxter, R on Indian Mound, turns into Martha’s Glen, UP Martha’s Hell (#Crowdpleaser), turns into Hampton Ridge, L on Old Woodlands, R on Olde Knight and return to AO.



PAX seemed to enjoy the new route and mostly positive feedback, which is admirable after slaying a 7.10 mile route on a Wednesday. Kicking Martha’s Hell after 6 miles is quite a feat, be proud and keep up the good work. Wingback, out.

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