• When: 10/07/15
  • QIC: Serena
  • The PAX: Beacon, Skirt, Kenny G, Pi, Heist, Holy Poker, Serena.

Stumble PAX takes familiar route

Given the flooding here in Columbia, it just doesn’t seem ‘right’ to be working out when we could be helping those in need. However, YHC and others know that it is the F3 fitness that equips us with the strength/stamina to help, it is through the F3 Fellowship that we coordinate and work together, and through Faith that we give glory, honor and praise to our God by being His hands and feet!

As others have commented, it felt good to move this morning, so there’s some 4th F (Feeble Brain) benefit that we received as well. I figured today we could use some familiarity, so we took the Rockwood Ramble, just shy of 4 miles, unless you have OCD, which meant you needed to get at least 4 miles!

Route: R OldeKnight, R Galway, L Rockwood to the end, loop around and head back, L Coachmaker across Veterans to Shelly, R Byron, L Wormwood, L Galway, R Olde Knight back to AO.

B.O.M. Prayer with Ironyard.

Announcements: watch Twitter for continued opportunities to help with flood relief! We are all most certainly blessed!!

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