• When: 2017-09-30
  • QIC: Cesspool and Cornstache
  • The PAX: Borat, Welcome Week, Billy Bob, Hawg, Okra, Rhonda, Misfire, Staccato

Stache has no idea what Cess is going to do!

YHC texted Cornstache Friday to see if he needed assistance with the Q at #BATTLE and he responded with, “you want to co-Q”.  Why not, sounds like a good time.  Stache said he had legs planned so YHC had upper body.  Muster at Staches compound around 0640 and mosey to the Battle Field.  YHC gave Stache an idea of what the 1st half of the workout would look like.  Got to the Battle Field and we did a little recon of the sleds used last week.  Enough about the planning, let’s get to work.

Conditions:  59 and perfect!!!!!!

YHC lead off and already a change of plans.  Run to the Circle of Death and circle up.

20 SSH in cadence

20 Merkins in cadence

20 LBC’s in cadence

20 Squats in cadence

Right on Falcon Drive and left through the open fence to Elsing Green Drive.  Straight into the parking lot ahead.

PAX are instructed to do 2 burpees at each parking line.  14 lines so 28 burpees.  SSH until the 6 arrives.

Left on Landmark and into the Chicago Title Insurance parking lot.  2 burpees at each line.  24 lines this time.  This is when Stache calls out YHC to remind everyone this isn’t even close to what we discussed in the car ride over.  It just seemed like the right thing to do.  LBC’s until the 6 arrives.

Right on Landmark and there seemed to be another wonderful parking lot on the left that needed us to burpee the parking spaces.  Millie Lewis of Columbia parking lot.  Approximately 12 lines.  SSH until the 6 arrives.

Run around the building and across Landmark Dr to the Consumer Affairs Department parking lot and circle up.  A little mary needs to accompany burpees and running.

25 Flutter Kicks in cadence

25 LBC’s in cadence

25 Big Boy Situps OYO

Run back to the original parking lot for a repeat of Mary.

YHC gets accused of lack of creativity.  I’ve been accused of a lot worse in my time on the big ball.

25 Flutter Kicks in cadence

25 LBC’s in cadence

25 Big Boy Situps OYO

Time for one last exercise until Stache unleashes holy terror.

Run to the pull up bars on the Battle Loop.

200 pull ups are to be completed as a group by the 10 PAX in attendance.  Done in about 3 1/2 minutes.


Run out the Battle Loop to the first speed bump on the bus loop.

Lunge walk to the covered walk way.

Then forward crab walk to the last speed bump headed to the back parking lot.

Run to the farthest part of the parking lot for instructions to Broad Jump with a Vertical Jump (only using your toes) to the end of the parking lot.  This was terrible.

Walk across the back entrance to AC Flora and then same instructions up the hill to the light poll.  Terrible worse!

Run to the road at the tennis courts.  Lunge walk to the first speed bump.  Then Okra shows why he’s a D-1 basketball alum.

BBall D slides 1/2 way and then face the opposite way until we get to the Long Dongs.

Each PAX is to get 2 Long Dongs.  Not one of us brought our own.

2 Sets of

20 Thrusters OYO

20 Bent over rows OYO

Run to the football field and split into 3 groups 4, 3, and 3.  Each team member had to push the sled 35 yards out and back.  One time was good enough for this exercise.

Run to where the Flag would be, but it wasn’t there.  Some form of Mary was called but YHC was beyond exhausted to remember.


BOM:  Cesspool


  • 5 year F3 Columbia Anniversary is coming up 10-21-17 at Dreher High School (#BRICKPILE) where it all began at 0700 hours.  Be there!!!!!