• When: 2019-05-15
  • QIC: Squirrel
  • The PAX: Binary, Baconator, Swingline, Backstop, Squirrel

Squirrel Virgin Q @ Valhalla

For those that returned from Monday’s beatdown were a little worse for the wear with the legs tender.  However, the shoulders and abs were going to get the burn today as Squirrel brought his virgin Q to F3Valhalla.  The pax were ready and it was going to be a good time.


The Thang

Through the Tunnel – 10 IC

Little Baby/Big Arm Circles – 15 IC

SSH – 15 IC (At this point, Backstop reminds the pax that Binary is the purest and will be sure to correct any miscalls or mispronunciations of the exercises)

Grab 2 Blocks and mosey to bottom parking lot

Blocks separated by 10 spaces

Countdown – 10 SSH 10 Merkins – Go down and back until down to 1

Indian Run around entire church back to blocks

Take 1 Block 25 Overhead Presses – Walk down RR w/ block

Carry Bricks to top of parking lot

Lunge Walk w/ block 2 spaces, run to trash dump and back (RR until block is at dump)

Run down to bottom parking lot, run first steps U/D; 5 Burps, 10 Merks, 15 BB

Run 2nd steps U/D; 5 burps, 10 Merks, 15 squats

Around church to top steps; 5 burps, 10 Merks, 15 Squats

Mosey to Flag for Mary (2 rounds)

High Plank 1 Min

Hydraulics – 10

Iron Cross – 10

Partner leg throw Iron Cross – 10

BOM – Squirrel

Great Virgin Q by Squirrel and a great effort by all.


T-shirts – Backstop is working on new shirts for Valhalla to order. Be on the lookout

Points system – Backstop has new idea for points challenge.  Listen out for getting the details and how it’ll work.