• When: 2019-05-13
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Backstop, Swingline, Squirrel, Binary

Valhalla went Legless

4 pax descended upon the cool gloom of F3Valhalla and got great dose of leg work courtesy of Binary.  They won’t feel the pain until later but it was going to be great none the less.


Mosey around parking lot to Block pile

Calf medley R, Heels together, pigeon toe w/ cinder block
Big Boys – Legs flat, right up, left up, both up – 10, 5, 5, 10 IC on all

Mosey to Parking Lot
Lt Dan 1:4 – Lunges/Squats up to 10:40

After that warm-up we finished the WO with

BLIMPS Partner Dora AMRAP –
Mtn climbers (30) in between – single count

P1 Burpees P2 Run to top church steps and back (pancake)

P1 Lunges P2 Run to top church steps and back (pancake)

P1 Imperial Walkers P2 Run to top church steps, down breezeway and back (pancake)

P1 Merkins P2 Run to Polo Road and back (pancake)

P1 Plank Jacks P2 Run to Polo Road and back (pancake)

P1 Squats P2 Run to top of parking lot and back (pancake)

Final Mosey to Flag for People’s Chair

Moleskin – Binary

BOM – Binary

Great push and chatter with the pax today.  Interested to see the point systems Backstop has planned for the NE F3 groups.  Way to push men.