• When: 08/22/15
  • QIC: Nikita
  • The PAX: Dan - FNG who left early..., Yellow Cake, Patrick Flynn FNG (Lumbergh), Big Worm, Heartbreaker, Fountainhead, Quarantine, Tough Guy, Happy Trees, Stones, RA, Matt Lindenburg FNG (Gulag), Chris Lewandowski FNG (Ten-Ten), Pipeline, Alter Boy, Subprime, Heist, Gypsy, Costanza, Gavin Weiser FNG (Scarlett), Thumbs Up, Bla Bla, Jeff Burwinkle FNG (Strider), Beads, John Rios FNG (Den Mother), Jarod Holt FNG (Borat), Moolah, Nikita

Spur is Launched at USC!

So privileged to get to lead this group of men to a new frontier for F3 Nation – launching the first workout on a university campus trying to reach the next generation of Sad Clowns. Glad you made it out to the semi-gloom. Look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday at 6:00 am!!! Same place, Blatt PE field – Corner of Wheat and Sumter. Here is how the epic beatdown went down.


  • 15 SSH IC, 10 SSH IC Superspeed
  • 1 gratuitous burpee
  • 20 Windmills IC
  • 2 gratuitous burpees
  • 20 Through the Tunnel IC
  • skip burpee to keep people off guard…
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 4 gratuitous burpees
  • 20 LBCs IC
  • 5 gratuitous burpees
  • 10 Wide-arm Merkins, 10 Regular Merkins, 5 Hands-at-hips Merkins, 5 Diamond Merkins OYO

Station 1: Baseball Field

  • Each pax runs bases one at a time while all others do rotation while they run of burpees, squats, flutter kicks & merkins. Got really dirty.

Station 2: Stairs and Bridge

  • All pax run to top of bridge at half-field point overlooking field, do 20 squats, run down to field, do 19 squats, run to top, do 18 squats, etc. – AMRAP for 10 minutes. Legs in pain for days.

Station 3: Brick Bleachers

  • Pax split up, some start at bottom and some at top.
  • 10 burpees at bottom, 20 decline merkins one level up, 30 squats one level up, 40 LBCs one level up, 50 incline merkins on hill at top. Reverse for those who started at top.

Double Line Indian Run & Race

  • Pax broke into two teams and ran Indian Run around field starting at baseball field and ending at baseball field.
  • Then in same teams, lined up on 1st and 3rd base lines and relay-raced to edge of outfield and back. Pax in true form did variety of planks while waiting to run.

Station 4: Pull-up Bars

  • Pax started throwing up (just one…)
  • 5 pax do pull-ups AMRAP with one spotter. All others sprint to conveniently set up tables and back.
  • Rotate until all pax have done pull-ups.


  • 21 Russian Twists IC
  • 40 LBCs OYO
  • Flap Jacks AMRAP for 1 minute (three Big Boy Situps, flip on stomach and do a burpee up)





  • Workout continues Tues, Thurs @ 6am; next Saturday @ 7am
  • EH more folks to come out!!!
  • Still have free Salsarita’s burritos for the FNGs who post over the next few days.

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