• When: 10/3/15
  • QIC: RA
  • The PAX: Welcome Week, Tin Tin, Den Mother, Scarlett, Borat, RA

SPUR gets Hammered

6 men waded into the wet gloom just hours before the flooding would begin in Columbia. YHC opened with the disclaimer and informed the PAX that we would be exploring some variations on exercises and the workout would mirror a typical #Hammer Tuesday/Thursday but with 15 extra minutes. Spur has been running for two months now, it was time to step the challenge up another notch. Here’s what happened:

Conditions: Wet, nothing more to be said

The Thang:

Lap around field

COP 1… SSH Burpees x 50 IC [5 SSH, 2 Burpees]
Arm Circles Forward x 25 IC into
Arm Circles Backward x 25 IC into
Overhead Press x 25 IC into
Overhead Clap x 25 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x 25 IC
Prison Cell Pushup x 10 OYO
Pulse Ups x 25 OYO

10-1… Lunges, Dry Docks, Russian Twists

Lap around field

COP 2… Burpee/Merkin Ladder 1-10-1 [1 burpee:1 merkin, 1 burpee:2 merkins, 1 burpee:3merkins, etc]
Pull-Ups/Iron Crosses 25 & 50
Tuck Jumps/Dips 50 & 100

Lap around field

4 Corners… Run to 1st corner & perform 1st set, 2nd corner perform 1st & 2nd set, 3rd corner 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc

Round 1: 20 squats, 30 monkey humpers, 40 lunges, 50 ISW
Round 2: 5 dive bombers, 10 hand release, 15 dry docks, 20 merkins
Round 3: 10 pulse ups, 20 flutters, 30 Russian twists, 40 lbcs


Moleskin: It was a pleasure leading this group. Each of the men who showed up at SPUR this day was someone YHC gave the old EH to a few months back and each has gotten stronger over the last two months. One PAX even commented that he no longer needs to go home after the workout and immediately take a nap…positive movement. The day’s workout was no joke and hopefully challenged everyone to #getbetter.

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