• When: 2021-02-20
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: Big Worm, Rated-R

Spur Bois Dealer’s Choice

Conditions: Chilly morning at Spur, but Rated-R, Big Worm and YHC were raring to go


BunkBed’s Part of the Q

Mosey to rock pile (Since NASA loves Mars rocks more than Earth rocks we decided to show some love for our Earth rocks)

Mosey with rock to the practice field stairs

3 calf raises per stair with the rock

Mosey to goal line closest to stairs 



Bat Wings all IC: 10 Forward & 10 Reverse Arm Circles, 10 Overhead Clap, 10 Seal Clap, 15 Thumb Raises

American Hammer X15 IC

Merkins X5 IC

Gas Pumps X10 IC

Merkins X5 IC

Flutter Kicks X10 IC

Arnold Fonda X10 IC Up and down, back and forth and making circles ventral to dorsal side 

Slim Jim X10 OYO

Nolan Ryans X10 OYO

Flip to other side and repeat Arnold Fond through Nolan Ryans

Slo-Mo Squat X10 IC

Lunges X10 Each Leg OYO

Colt 45 with rock

Big Worm’s Part of the Q

At goal line 5 Burpees, run to 40 yrd line, do 5 Burpees and run back to goal line. Repeat this and decrease by 1 burpee each time. 

Mosey to other end zone

Decline Merkins X16 Single Count Together 

Squats X16 Single Count Together 

Run to 30 yrd line and back

Repeated this and decreased number of reps by each time down to 12 Decline and 12 Squat

Burpees X5 OYO

Pulse-Ups X15 OYO

Rated-R’s Part of the Q

Mosey back to other end zone where we left the rocks (Gotta show the rocks some love baby)

Skull Crushers X15 OYO

American Hammer with rock X20 IC

Tricep-Extensions X15 OYO

Squats with rock X15 OYO

Kettle Bell Swings X15 OYO

Mosey back to rock pile and deposit rock

Mosey to bleachers since Gamecock Baseball is back!! *Obligatory Rooster Crow*

Incline Merkins X20 OYO

Dips X20 OYO

Step-Ups X20 Each Leg OYO

Mosey to wall of Blatt PE Center

1 min wall sit X2 

Back to flag




Closing Prayer

For those keeping up with the Lent Challenge that’s

35 Burpees

82 Merkins

67 Squats

125 Misc Abs

690 yrd + Mosey to and from flag and rock pile. Probably ~1 mile

20 Dips

440 Misc Other Exercises






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