• When: 2018-02-17
  • QIC: Spokes
  • The PAX: Spokes(R), Training Wheels(R), Serena, Zuckerberg, Enterprise, Bookworm, Bo, Salk, Big Worm

Spokes Q @F3TheMission 2/17/2018

It was warm and sunny. Maybe high 50s.


TClaps to Spokes stepping up to Q. And a good Q it was.


Start with a prayer.





Through the tunnel×20 IC

Air press×20 IC

LBACs×15 IC (Forwards and reverse)


Then Spokes explained his Diamond of Death.

Cones were put into a giant diamond. We split into teams of 3 for this exercise.

Sprint to the first cone, 3 burpees. Frankenstein walk to the second cone next to the pull up bars. 3 pull ups or 5 leg raises for guys like YHC who have trouble with pull ups.

Sprint to next cone. 3 burpees. Bear crawl to last/ first cone. Rinse and repeat 3 times.


Then we circled up around the flag for an F3 moment. Zuckerburg explained the importance of what these circles mean to him. More important than fitness, these circles, especially here @F3THeMission concentrate on fellowship and Faith. And how those two things can help us out of the rut we can find ourselves in due to our Sadclown.


We fast mosey over to the climbing wall. Most pax ran the steps. A couple pax tackled the wall. 10 squats at each level all the way up to laurel and assembly. Serena beat us up there because he is a beast and an integral part of Our Mission. His intensity sets the tone and gives us something to aspire to. Everyone planks and waits patiently on the six.


I, myself am new to this. Our Q calls the raccoon crawl. Across a narrow wall circling a natural tree bed. Just like a Bear crawl but your hands and feet are up under you. Instead of parallel or outside your shoulders. Again Serena doubles back to bring up the six. Then bolt back down the steps. Once at the bottom the fastest 3 guys wagon wheels to collect the six.


Fast mosey over to our Qs favorite place. His personal grassy knoll. So as we stand on the hill and gaze upon our city, he calls gorilla humpers×20 IC. Then we get on our six for reverse crunches×25 IC.


Jailbreak back to the flag. The long way.


Once back YHC starts a last few minute dealers choice. I call out loud and clear all preparatory commands so our FNGs can get a feel for it.

Flutter kicks×50 IC.

Then Serena calls slow squats×20 IC

Big worm calls burpees×10 OYO.


Count o rama (9) 2 more for COT

Name o rama.

AAR: Spokes has raised his intensity greatly. So great exercise. Awesome use of the park, very good at calling commands and a good mix of exersices.

FNGs: Salk, Bo, Wendy,

Prayer requests



Once again Bookworm pushed that rock and beat that sadclown. Tclaps to him for persevering. Tclaps for the FNGs for sticking with us and powering through. Being part of this group is an amazing feeling.


Enterprise out.