• When: 01-17-19
  • QIC: Garnish
  • The PAX: McNugget, Blowout, Zima, Wally, RA, Stretch, Apple, Guac, Misfire, Pinkman, Detour, Boo Boo, Eldrick

Sound the ALARM!

14 PAX arrived at Hammer expecting to hit the hills but YHC decided to zig when the PAX were expecting a zag. A dig into the lexicon uncovered a new challenge to throw out.

Conditions: 32 degrees

The Thang:
Warmup- 20 SSH IC, mosey to playground

ALARM (arms,legs,abs,run,M exercise)
-incline merkins, box jumps, iron cross, run around the bus loop, merkins
-decline merkins, bench squat, BBS, run, mountain climbers
-upright rows, lunge, Russian twist, run, monkey humpers
-dips, squats, flutter kicks, run, Freddy Mercury

Accountability pull ups (each pax does 5 pull-ups, the rest complete AMRAP of other exercise)
-flutter kicks, BBS, heel tap crunch,squats, lunges

People’s chair for 2 minutes

Mosey to Baseball field
One partner runs across the field and does 5 burpees, partner does flutter kicks

Due to time crunch, return to shovel flag and do 5 burpees to finish