• When: 2019-01-18
  • QIC: Olive Oil
  • The PAX: Pepto, Chop Block, Ryans, Ranger, Pinot, Watergate, Casio, Pot Hole, Lap Dog, Black Lung, Chedder, Steel Toe, Double Fault, Sweet Tart

Froccer with royalty

Weather – Overcast with a little humidity in the air at a nice 44 degrees

For the first time in the two plus year history of Clash, a Nantan showed up for frisbee.  I will #TCAP to Ken Doll who actually showed up to futbol that one time with the bounce houses on the field, but that is a different story.  YHC was actually in shock to see Ranger when he pulled up….no telling what stories Pepto told him to get him out there, but always great to have you out there.  Pepto already has started the twitter war with the Lake Murray Nantan Bro Si…..but I am not poking that bear….

After a circle up and quick prayer, count off 1, 2, 1, 2.  Your highlights.

  1.  Not sure if Pepto was hoping to be on Rangers team, but combined with Casio, there was literally no deep threat or cherry picking at all for the opponents.  There were so many pass break ups and knock downs at the goal that YHC actually lost count.
  2. Speaking of cherry picking, Chop Block took a frisbee off his face at close range playing “goalie” literally three minutes in.  In front of a Pot Hole shot….so we know it had some stank on it.  After rubbing some dirt on it, he mostly stayed out of the scrum or played defense, but did score after once after a long pass went over the defense’s heads.
  3.  And when it comes to defense, there was a lot of knock downs all around.  So much that we actually cracked the frisbee.  I am not sure when it happened (YHC leg block, Steel Toe’s numerous slap downs, Cheddar with his “Cheese and Cracker” moments (sorry, had to)), but it was soon replaced.
  4. Shout out to Watergate who had the slide of the day.  It did not take anyone else out, but to catch the disk and pop up ready to throw….baller.
  5. Which brings us to the play of the day.  Black Lung had a break away with Ranger playing goalie.  The pass to him sailed so much that he ended up playing tip drill with it.  In this tip drill, it bounced of him and Ranger twice before a massive swat sent it into the goal.

Time called with Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama

Announcements:  P200, Dam to Dam, Lexington Convergence in March

Prayer request: Casio with sick baby and wife going back to work after maternity leave, Double Fualt lifting the Snow Family up, Olive Oil with the sudden passing of a close family friend.

Lights out. (always great when they turn off themselves)