• When: 2018-05-03
  • QIC: Gaston
  • The PAX: Stretch, Billy Bob, Boo Boo, Garnish, Eldrick, Ducky, Bone Saw, Gaston, Flo, Pinkman, Chopshop, McNugget, Misfire

Ski practice in May

13 pax emerged from the fartsack for their DRP. YHC just hoped he could oblige with something beneficial for all. Yes, there were some ski jumps (side to sides) for about a minute. Most of the mumble chatter came during this time.

Weather: Great.

The Thang:

5 burpees OYO.
A lap around Ila with stops for Mtn Climbers (20ct IC), 20 situps OYO, and SSHs (25ct IC).
Pick up the CMU blocks and head to nearest baseball field. Partner up and line up along line between 1st and 2nd base.
Partner 1 runs to fence and does 20 mercans, while Partner 2 does AMRAP curls with block, and then Partner 2 runs to fence while Partner 1 does curls.
Next round, 20 mercans, overhead press.
Next round, 20 mercans, triceps extension
Next round, 20 mercans, goblet squat
Next round, 20 mercans, inverted row.

Run to front parking lot. Back and forth jump on line for 1 minute. Suicides across parking lot. Ski jump for 1 minute. Suicides. Flutter kicks (25ct IC). there may have been one more round of suicides and flutter kicks. Don’t remember now.

Back to blocks. Same as before, except instead of mercans, do LBCs.

Put up blocks. 20 more mercans, some more SSH, and lunge walk back to COT.


Not many. Some talk of Goliath at Shandon Baptist in August.

Great work all. That was fun.